Grocery Budget Check Up Week 5: Still Sticking To Your Budget?


How’s your grocery budget looking this week? I’ve done a lot of shopping this week, and my cupboards are just about bursting with food . ..I’m thrilled to be so well stocked! Here’s where our money went this week:

  • Publix Trip #1:  $58.86 (saved $140.97)
  • Publix Trip #2: $16.91 (saved $10.18)
  • Publix Trip #3: $5.76 (saved $17.72)
  • Sam’s Club Trip: $21 (stocked up on fresh fruit & veggies)
  • Total: $102.53


This was a bit over our $85 per week budget, however I was under budget by $87 for the month, so I had a little extra to play with. That second Publix trip was the one that totally pushed me way over, because as I was at the store (for just a few deals, really!), I decided to surprise my hubby by making him lasagna.  Since I didn’t have any ground beef thawed out I paid way more than I should have. That’s what I get for not sticking to my menu plan this week! (And we didn’t even get to have lasagna because of the way our scheduled changed that night… but I did make a mean slow cooker meatloaf last night. . .) 😉



The one thing that I was reminded of after that trip, was how very important it is to have an exact plan in place before getting into the grocery, and I highly recommend that (and wish I’d thought a little more prior to shopping.) Even though it was in our budget, adding last minute items to your cart can really hamper your penny pinching!  However, this is the first month in quite awhile that we’ve stuck to our all-cash budget for groceries, miscellaneous expenses, and eating out, and I’m soooo excited about it, even if we did go over a bit this week.


If you’ve been considering creating a budget for your family’s groceries, this is a great time to start! And, if you have any tips on steering clear of those last minute splurges, I’d love to hear them . . . happy penny pinching!

Share how you’ve done this week by clicking HERE ~ I love hearing from you!


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  1. Hi Laurie! Can you post your recipe for your mean slow cooker meatloaf?? Thanks!

    • I’m starting a new 25 days of crockpot recipe series and it will be one of the very first posts. Watch for it over the weekend! 🙂

  2. Shannon C says:

    Our budget for the week was met! Well I didn’t even really go shopping so we managed to stay under well under, I spent a total of $15 on a few packs of hamburger, milk, bread, and eggs at a local store! SO I have $60 left which I am sure will be used to make up for the no shopping week. Both our cars broke down so it wasn’t a great week and still have no running car yet but it can only go up from here, right?

    • Good job Shannon! That’s awesome that you stayed in your budget…. praying that your cars are fixed soon (and that you find a great mechanic!) 🙂

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