Fun Things To Do With Kids This Summer (Without Breaking the Bank)

fun things to do with kids this summer

If you’re like me – this time in May is when you start trying to frantically think of fun things to do with kids this summer.  Here are 45 ideas to help you fill your summer bucket list summer bucket list up with fun activities!

And can I just say?

I’m EXTRA excited about this summer – because the Supper’s Set! Summer Freezer Cooking Challenge is really going to help me free up more time to spend with my crew.

(I’m so thankful for that!)

Here are some of the best ideas we’ve tried – and some we haven’t – to help you have tons of frugal fun with your kiddos this summer!

45 Fun Things To Do With Kids This Summer

(That WON’T break the bank!)

1 . Create a Summer Bucket List (a fun way to start!)
2. Host a Lemonade Stand
3. Make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint
4. Make Homemade Ice Cream (like this Homemade Peach Ice cream)


5. Have a Backyard Movie Night (Get an outdoor screen – or use a sheet)
6. Watch a Free Summer Movie (See the kids summer movie programs master list!)
7. Host A Tea Party (Just For Yourselves)
8. “Paint” The Driveway with Water and old Paint Rollers
9. Make a Pool Noodle Racetrack

10. Plastic Bottle Sprinkler
11. Find A Bike Trail
12. Visit the Library
13. Have Messy Fun with Ivory Soap Experiment

14. Give Them a Big Box!
15. Make Sock Puppets (Add buttons, scraps of fabric, etc) and a Puppet Theater (Using a tension rod in a doorway to hang a curtain)
16. Declutter the Kids’ Rooms for a Yard Sale (and plan a fun activity with the money)
17. Make Homemade Snow Cones
18. Catch Fireflies

19. Pull Out A Board Game
20. Take a Mini Road-Trip (See Car Games for Kids to Play)
21. Take A Trip To The Thrift Store
22. Go the the Drive-In
23. Make Summer Snow Summer Snow with Shaving Cream

24. Yarn Obstacle Course
25. Kids Bowl Free
26. Build a Marshmallow Toothpick House
27. Get Outside with these Sponge Water Bombs
28. Go Fishing

29. Roast S’Mores
30. Hit the Rink with Free Kids Summer Roller Skating
31. Find a Vacation Bible School in your area
32. Make Oreo Pops

33. Homemade Popsicles (These Zipsicles look easy and fun!)
34. Play a day of Water Balloon Games
35. Build a Fort
36. Go on a Scavenger Hunt Hike

37. Mix up some Homemade Sidewalk Chalk
38. Decide on some Duct Tape Projects to try
39. Host a Neighborhood Nerf Battle (And see how we organized our Nerf Collection here!)
40. Play Flashlight Tag

41. Make a Homemade Firepit
42. Set up a Car/Bike Wash
43. Free Imax Movie at Space & Rocket Center
44. Go for Ice Cream
45. Visit a Home Tour

What kind of activities does your family like to do during summer break?  We’d love to hear your suggestions of fun things to do with kids this summer!

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