Free Set of Glasses From Coastal Contacts

Right now order any pair of glasses up to $100 at Coastal Contacts for FREE, or save $100 on any pair of glasses $100 or more when you use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout at Coastal Contacts!  You will have to pay shipping and handling, which usually costs $10-$15.


I’ve ordered glasses online before and been so glad to have an extra set for $10 after shipping ~ the most important thing you need to do is have the measurement between your eyes taken accurately so that they fit correctly.  These would especially work well for anyone who has children who tend to lose/scratch/sit on their glasses! 🙂


Thanks to Julie on the PPP Facebook page for reminding about this great free offer! If you’ve tried these before, I’d love to hear your thoughts as to whether or not they’ve worked for you.




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