FREE Graze Snack Box + $1 Shipping! (College Kid Package?)

FREE Graze Snack Box

How many of us love the idea of getting healthy new snacks that are super yummy – and come right to your mailbox? is currently offering the BEST deal I've ever heard of on their Trial Size Snack box – it's FREE for new customers + $1 Shipping!


Just head over to to get your first box of 4 healthy snack-packs delivered to your door – for just 1!!  (I saw these at Walgreens the other day for around $2 per pack!)

This would be great to include if you're putting together a holiday care package for a college kid 🙂

Our PPP team tried out Graze snacks for ourselves recently when we were all together in Nashville, and we were super impressed!  The portions were nice and there was a fun variety to choose from.

They also make GREAT healthy lunchbox snacks!

Each graze box is made up of perfectly portioned snacks customized for each individual based on taste preferences and dietary requirements.

FREE Graze Snack Box

After your first trial box, you can customize your box however you want it – sort by high protein, low sugar, 1/2 cup serving of fruit, and many other options!

I'd love to hear if you've tried and what are some of your fave choices!

NOTE: Graze is a subscription service, so if you don't want to continue receiving boxes at the normal price, make certain to cancel after you trial box!

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  1. Carol Hovinga says

    How soon after your trial box can you cancel your subscription?

  2. Interesting..!

  3. I really love it

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