Free Back To School Walmart & Target Stock Up Price Cheat Sheet




I’m so excited about this free printable that my friend Cheryl has put together for you! After sharing how you could easily over spend on office supply “deals that really aren't deals earlier this week, I know how important it is to have these basic prices in hand before you do your back-to-school shopping.  


My friend Shannon did an incredible job putting these prices together for you, and while I do think you'll see additional savings (especially at Target), this is just a nice basic list to have on hand. Since Walmart doesn’t typically offer big sales on their items (just every day low prices), my bet is the Walmart pricing should be pretty similar to what you’ll find at your local Walmart throughout the Back-To School season. Of course, these will vary by area, so there are no guarantees but this should give you a basic reference guide!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 4.02.29 PM

Go HERE to print your free printable WalMart Back to School Comparison Cheat Sheet, and share with your friends this school season so they can pinch those pennies too!




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  1. Keep an eye on the Walmart prices. They should go even lower than the listed prices above. Rollback prices haven’t been applied yet. Even more savings to come!! 🙂

  2. I bet you’re right Tracy – I love watching to see how much these deals drop during the next few weeks (makes back-to-school a little less painful around here, I’m not ready for school to start!!) 🙂

  3. I would like to print & give 2 of these away, however at the bottom of each print out it says I must have written consent before I do so. I will anxiously wait your reply here.

  4. This is great to have as a comparison for sales ads. Sometimes a sale isn’t really all that great!

  5. This is so awesome! As a teacher this is a great resource to have! Especially when you stock up for the whole year!!! May I please share with my Teacher Friends? Thanks so much!!

  6. Stephanie says

    Hi! This is a great resource – would you mind if I printed two so I can share this info with a friend?

    Thank you!

  7. I find that Staples and OfficeMax beat Wal-Mart and Target’s prices every year. Plus Wal-Mart and Target’s school departments are a madhouse of pushing, shoving kids and adults. By day two, the employees can barely keep up with messes left behind by crazed shoppers. Maybe your local stores are tamer but I avoid them both this time of year.

  8. If you use Walmart’s Savings Catcher you don’t have to worry about the comparison sheet- they’ll automatically give you the difference.

  9. How do you get these prices? When I was at Walmart the 24 count crayons crayons were $1.47.

    • Hi Tiffany! These will vary some by location, but I would wait a little longer because I think around $.99 is what you should be able to find them for once the back to school season rolls around (it may be a little later in some areas!)

  10. This is so awesome! As a teacher – I like to stock up! May I please share this with other teacher friends? Thank you!

  11. Thank You so much for your time and effort in putting this together. I’m a disabled Veteran with a TBI and 2 kids. So it’s really difficult for me to understand how the coupons work with different stores etc. I usually never get to say that I got a great deal but I’m hopeful to learn more about this from how much information you have put out here for everyone.
    Thank God for Great People!

  12. Oh thank you for sharing. I must send this for my aunt 🙂 Maybe she need to stock up for a year.

  13. I want to unscribe

  14. Do you know if you will have a cheat sheet for this school year (2016)? Would love if you did. Thank you for all of your womderful tips.

  15. A simple google search popped this up and I realize it’s from 2 years ago. I did all my shopping online yesterday and Target had cheaper prices on everything we needed except for Elmers Glue. My shopping experience was smooth with Target. For some crazy reason, Walmart cancelled my order 4 times, after trying multiple credit cards and triple checking that all my info was correct. I eventually had my husband create an account and check out. Weird.


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