Five Minute Challenge: What Can You Do In Five Minutes?


I’ve spent the last few days feeling completely overwhelmed by my home. love being a stay-at-home (*slightly working*) mom to my kids.  But in the summertime, when all the kids stuff and clutter quickly piles up, I start to go a little nuts.


So today I spent a solid hour doing some quick cleaning of our most used spaces. And, it got me thinking that there are several of them easy enough to tackle in five minutes or less if the cleaning in your home is a bit daunting also.



Here are a few ideas of what you can accomplish in just five minutes:

  1. Clean the top of the refrigerator.
  2. Wipe down the microwave.
  3. Vacuum out the couch (you might even find some money while you’re there!)
  4. Dust the dining room or kitchen table chairs and chair legs.
  5. Clean the top of the entertainment center.
  6. Do a quick sweep of the kitchen floor.
  7. Really (really!) scrub the kitchen sink.
  8. Wipe down the kitchen countertops.
  9. Clean a toilet. (Bleck!) While you’re at it, clean the bathroom sink off too.
  10. Wipe down all the door facings in your kitchen, family room and dining area.


What do you need to get done today? Take a few minutes and tackle at least one or two areas that are making you crazy ~ I promise it feels so good when you’re done (whew!)

Do you know an unique cleaning tips? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment to share those too . . . I’m always looking for new ideas. See previous five minute challenges.


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  1. OMG! 2 loads of wash put away Iron, Paid bills , Drove 35min to get newer dishwasher never used. Whirlpool at that. Got home cleaned kitchen.

  2. Robin Lockwood says:

    Some of the things on this list would take a lot longer than 5 minutes at my house.

    • Some of them do sometimes too at our house! But, I’m always amazed if I set the timer that I can get way more done in five minutes than I realize…. 🙂

  3. Jennifer H says:

    Hey Laurie,
    Stay-at-home and slightly working don’t go together. Since I have done both (stay at home and professional work with three kids) I can say that as a stay-at-home mom you work just as hard as I do. Challenges may just be different.

    • I think of my “slightly working” more as blogging – most people who know me don’t realize I work (and while I do love it, it’s definitely work!) so adding that on top of being a mom can be a little much in the summertime. But, so thankful for the opportunity…. just gotta get past ever having a clean house! 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement ~ being a mom (however you do it!) is just a LOT of work!

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