Five Minute Challenge: Pick A Closet

For whatever reason, I have had the hardest time taking these five minute challenges up again this fall, but I love doing them so figured it was time to try once more!


This week, rather than trying challenges throughout the house, I decided I’d focus on just our bedroom closet.  Now, you may have a different closet in your home which needs cleaning out, but if you have a closet that could use a bit of sprucing up this week, this challenge is for you.

As I shared almost two years ago (wow!), I did a major clean up of my closet, and while it’s stayed *close* to clean, it is slowly eeking into the could-use-a-good-few-days-of-organizing kind of spot.  So, that’s where I started today, and here’s what’s on the to-do list:


Take just five (maybe ten!) minutes, and QUICKLY clean out old hanging clothes in your closet. If you didn’t wear it last winter or this fall, go ahead and send it to your donation pile.

I set my timer for ten minutes today and was amazed at what I accomplished!  Go ahead, stand up, walk away from that computer (I know you don’t want to!), and get to work.  When you’re all done the deals will be right here waiting for you!


See previous five minute challenges, and if you choose to join in the challenge, I’d love to hear how many items you’re able to donate from your closet this week!


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