Five Minute Challenge: More. Laundry.

How are you doing tackling this week’s laundry? From what I read in the comments on Day 1 and 2 of this week’s Laundry Challenge, you all are way more caught up on laundry than I am, so I’m more than a little motivated to get my act together. 😉


Just in case you’re a little behind on your laundry like me though, here’s today’s challenge:


Set the timer for just five minutes, and hunt down every stitch of dirty clothes in your home. . . then head to the laundry room. (Make sure to have your kids help too!) Then get those clothes sorted and add a new load to your washer if you need to. And of course, fold any clothes that have been fluffed in the dryer one too many times in hopes that somehow they’ll fold themselves!


When you comment on any of this week’s five minute challenge posts, you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. (I’ll pick one lucky winner each Friday night.)  So, hurry and get to work for just five minutes, then come back here and let me know how it went!


Do you know an unique cleaning tips? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment to share those too . . . I’m always looking for new ideas. See previous five minute challenges.


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  1. Laura L. says:

    our clothes were just washed, but I got rid of the baskets sitting around with clothes to put away!

  2. I’m a total pro at getting our laundry washed and even folded! Its the putting away that gets me- can’t it all just stay on the counter? All the time? Lol!

    • Note to self: tomorrow we get all that laundry put away 😉

      I’m like you… not bad at doing it, but finding room in my kids drawers is always a nightmare……

  3. Joanne C. says:

    Did every last stitch of clothes, dried & folded them. Phew!

  4. Got one load through…maybe the rest will wash itself?

  5. Okay finally gathered all the clothes and sorted. Had to wait until everyone in the house was showered and I. Bed. Folded and put away the towels that were in the dryer and started a load of darks. I feel good now. 🙂

  6. Got everything folded, and tomorrow the kiddos can work on putting it away…before it starts again! 🙂

  7. Got 6 loads done. I sort clothes into baskets and my kdis put their own clothes away. they are big now (16+), but they started handling their own clothes when they were quite young. When they wanted to chose their clothes is when I make them responsible for caring for their clothes- bringing dirty clothes to me on laundry day and putting away clean clothes. System has worked well. Now they all know how to do their own laundry, but I do enjoy serving them by doing it for them, most of the time.

  8. 3 loads washed, folded, hung & put away earlier today. But, I did start another load. This time towels.

  9. My laundry day is Saturday or Sunday, but all of my dirty clothes are in the hampers instead of strewn about my bedroom floor 🙂

  10. I’ve washed and folded four loads this week. Sadly, I haven’t put any of it away. Today will be the day to put all clean laudry away and wash one more load.

  11. On my 2nd load with at least two more to go for today!T then to take it all upstairs to the boys bedrooms…

  12. I just need to put away the clothes I hung up to dry.

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