Five Items I Was Surprised To Find At Aldi


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I made a quick run to Aldi today, and was pretty surprised that they carried quite a few items I didn't know they had! I've always picked up fresh produce and string cheese there (they consistently have the best price on string cheese), but there were some new items that caught my eye today.  Here were the things I noticed that you may have missed too . . .



1. K-Cups priced at $4.99/12 or $.41 each (compare to $.31 per K-Cup at Amazon)

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2. Lots of gluten free options (LOTS!)


3. Coconut Oil (great price!)

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4. Organic Cereal (Simply Nature Organic Walnut or Tropical Mango Passion $1.99 per box) as well as quite a bit of Organic Produce (I haven't priced it to be sure this is a great deal compared to your local grocery store ~ I would love to hear your thoughts on it if you normally shop organic)



5. Whole Wheat Flour ($2.29 – I forgot to take a picture!) and spices/seasonings (I actually knew this one, but didn't want you to miss it – they have tons for just $.99 which is a great way to save!)



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What other items do you purchase at Aldi that help your family save? I would love to hear them ~ it's been a few weeks since I've been to Aldi so I was thrilled to stock up on whole wheat flour and fresh produce easily this week. Love that store! 😉
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  1. I have been following a gluten free diet for 3 years. Their gluten free items are some of the best I’ve tried. I got used to going without many things so it’s great to occasionally get cake, cookies and pizza!

    I also buy their greek yogurt which I love and I am hooked on their frozen fruit bars. I love Aldi!

  2. I actually love their donut shop k-cups. I love that they are $4.99 a box and no hassle to buy! Tasty too.

  3. Randi Thompson says

    Today grabbed pepper for 0.99 and salt for 0.39!!!

  4. We’ve found Aldi’s French onion and veggie ranch dips are delicious! By far our new favorites! An incredible price and a good sized container.

  5. My store still hasn't had the coconut oil yet, been waiting for it too! I love Trader Joe's and this price beats it. Will keep checking and hoping. My favorite Aldi's deal are the frozen French green beans($1.49) and shredded parmesan cheese($1.99).

  6. What DON’T i love at Aldi!! Their Maple Syrup is really tasty and for $3.99, you can’t beat the price!!

  7. Love that they carry Organic items now. Their organic produce prices are better than anyone else in my town unless there is a great sale which is rare for organic. I have also been buying their organic pasta sauce it’s $1.79 and that’s the best price I have ever seen on organic sauce. I love that they keep adding new items and I really hope that continues.

  8. I buy all of the above and more at Aldi. My favorites include their produce, shelled walnuts, and the cereal you mentioned. My kids love the store brand minestrone. I don’t have time to coupon, so Aldi saves me a good bit on groceries.

  9. Jennifer F. says

    I love the jars of artichoke hearts! I try to keep things on hand to make spinach artichoke dip and Aldi has the best price on these around!

  10. I loooove Aldi’s!! I’m there every week. The savings are amazing!
    I was pretty upset when they stopped selling their version of Nutella. We love Nutella in my house and $2.99 for a jar its a good price, but then I rememberd that they did the same thing a few years back when they took it out for a while and then bring it back so I’m hoping it will be soon..;))

  11. Love the gluten free line. Affordable and good

  12. Love Aldi! I save money on bagged salads and their pizzas. I’ve gotten a good deal on their canned veggies, as well as fresh veggies. Their orange juice is great. We also love their almond milk.

    I also regularly buy their unsalted pistachios. And I tried their cookie butter, which is delicious, but Trader Joe’s cookie butter is still the best .

  13. Aldi’s protein bars, granola bars, cashews and macadamia nuts are the best. Also, they ALWAYS have fresh walnuts. Sometimes walnuts sit on the shelf for too long and get a gummy texture, I have never been disappointed in Aldis.

  14. Cereal is.what I usually save on.

  15. Their cheesecake sampler is amazing. I like that it is presliced. I live alone so I can get just one slice out at a time for dessert. Their mini eclairs are addicting too!

  16. I love Aldi, my allergy food is available at a good price and their luxuary range is excellent, lobster, aberden angus stake, foie gras and yogarts all at a really low price. I also love their special offers. I’m in Ireland so the ranges are slightly different but I can do my main shop in Aldi for a third of the price (compaired to traditional supermarkets).

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