Passionate Penny Pincher Sales Search Results

Need a Deal? SEARCH THIS WEEK'S SALES[favado_search_results]

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  1. helen miller says

    i have been thru the list 3 times and when i get to the text message i put the code in and it says its for expired items or code is no longer any good. this takes my time which im not sure its worth messing arround

  2. Please unsubscribe me.

  3. Will this data base ever include WA state stores like QFC , Winco and Safeway? Just curious.

  4. Is there any way to add Weis markets I am really trying to save money and learning how to coupon and there’s nothing for Weis markets on here, This is the only grocery store near me.

  5. Where is the coupon or link for the Yankee candles please

  6. I live in Ann Arbor area in Michigan. Could you add Meijers and Busch’s?

  7. hi, I’m in the Boston area and wondering if you’ll be doing any of our local grocery stores. Market basket is usually the best for pricing but I’d love have them available. I w also looking for deals on iPads, thank you!

  8. Sandee J Hatch says

    Was wondering if you could add albertsons for washington state

  9. My checkout 51 says Buy 2: Pampers Swaddlers Diapers any size, any variety and earn $2 cash back

    Also for Luvs, its any variety earn $3 cash back.

  10. Hoping your people working on this awesome deal search can make it more area specific.
    Not enjoying scrolling through the 95% of stores I don’t have in my area.

  11. Is there anyway to look for sales in your own area (zip code)?

  12. Christina says

    Could we have pick n save, festival and piggly wiggly added

  13. Mary Ann Permenter says

    Can you add Albertsons or HEB

  14. Debbie Meissner says

    Is there anyway you could add Price Chopper and Wegmans for the people here in NY? 🙂

  15. Melodie says

    There is not a juicy juice coupon to print

  16. Hiya! I am from Ohio. Just wanted to know if there is any other way to get these coupons besides printing?

  17. And besides newspaper too. I mean like a download for my phone maybe?

  18. Sue Basista says

    could you explain the Viva deal for 6/7 thru 6/13 , is the 2$ off coupon digital. I can only find !$ off. Also, if there is a 2$ off how can I use it twice on one six pack. Thanks for your help.

    • I’m new to this and after hearing that I wondered too. Do you get to use multiple coupons? I’m going to call my local store to check. If you got an answer could you let me know please. If I miss this deal maybe I’ll be able to use it on another. Thank you. E

  19. Just wondering if you can help me with a problem I am having with the ibotta app. The app seems to require a store savings card for Hannaford rebates, However, my Hannaford does not offer a store savings card. Am I doing something wrong?

  20. Do you do ingles or bi-lo

  21. Oops for sc

  22. Mayfield Ice Cream is on sale at Winn Dixie BOGO reg price $6.49 each. Ibota also has a rebate for $2.00 back (x2) = $4.00, and also a rebate for $0.25 (x2) so you only end up paying $1.00 each

  23. Barbara Vice says

    Hi Laurie,
    I’ve been watching your videos all morning. Can you add Winn Dixie in Rainbow City Alabama, and Johnsons Giant foods in Attalla Alabama? All my other groceries come from Aldi !!! Thank you so much for all the help and info!

  24. Just found your site and I’m already hooked!! Thank you so much for doing this.

    I had a question…is there a way to view all the “Top Deals” (ones with a yellow star) at once? I’d like to review these each week and see what sort of items I might want to add to my shopping list.

    • Hi Brandi! The only way we have right now is to scroll down and see the yellow ones on the list – thanks for letting me know though – I may think about ways to work on that in the future. So glad you found PPP !:)

  25. Is there any way you can add Brookshire’s (East Texas) to your list of stores and sales? I would greatly appreciate it.

  26. Can you print coupons in black and white or do you need to print with colored ink? Thanks for your help!

  27. how do you use Ecoupons? specifically wanting to know for the amazon nestle candy.

  28. I am in Utah, any way to add in a zip code to get the stores in my area or is it just the national brands that you list?

  29. I still have not received my email?

  30. Casey Aguilar says

    Can you add H.E.B. to your database? I love this resource! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  31. Thank so much for all of your hard work. I enjoy all of your videos and posts and have saved so much with your help!

  32. Will you be able to add Weis market to your list? That’s my closest grocery store here in MD.

  33. Search for a deal would not load.

  34. Please unsubscribe me

  35. The link to sign up for email from Dollar Tree doesn’t work.

  36. Jackie Arnold says

    I’m new to this & live in South Florida. I am 71
    I shop at Walgreens for a lot of my over the counter & “personal” needs.

    Today I got my ALWAYS Descreet Underwar in the 26count pkg on sale for $18.99 then I used the Walgreen’s monthly coupon booklet coupon for $2 off PLUS I had a mfgr coupon for $2.. so it cost me $14.99

  37. Wendy Garcia says

    would you be able to add Winn-Dixie please?

  38. Hi,

    We live in Osage Beach, Missouri with zip code 65065. Is it possible to add Hy-Vee and Dierberg’s?


  39. Bonni Bonneville says

    So….I’m just beginning to use PPP for coupon/sale searches but I noticed that it brings up sales from years ago. I just want what is on sale now. Is there a different place to search than “this week’s sales”?
    Thanks, Bonni

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