Family Dollar App Game – Make Saving Fun Again!

This post is sponsored by Family Dollar, but all opinions are 100% mine.


In my last post I told you about Family Dollar's new in-app game called Smart Spins, which awards you with exclusive valuable coupons just for coming in to shop.

Well, I've been back to Family Dollar since then, and I have even more good things to say about their SmartSpins game!

(To play the game – head over here and get the Family Dollar App!)


This time around I was headed in for Halloween candy, household supplies and laundry detergent, armed with my $5 off $25 prize from the SmartSpins game.  Since I view coupons like free money – $5 OFF means I deserve to get a $5 “treat” on this visit 😉

(Hello Fall aisle…. I'm looking at you!)

First I shopped some incredible deals on Tide, Gain and Snuggle (I was amazed that those valuable digital app coupons even worked on the smallest bottles!)

Then I restocked on toothpaste, bath tissue, and body wash – all for CRAZY good deals because of digital app coupons

After I had everything I needed – I went to pick up a little happy something for myself.  Family Dollar has lots of cute things you may not have noticed before!    I fell in love with these little bowls and mugs.

And how perfect would those candles be for a teacher gift??

While I love to save money, shopping is always more fun when you get to snag a little something just to make you happy! 🙂

At checkout I saved around $20 after the cashier deducted all my Digital Coupons and SmartSpins prize.  (WOOHOOO!)  I also won another spin in the game – which got me a fun new coupon for apparel! (Can't wait to go again)


Family Dollar SmartSpins In-App Game

SmartSpins is Family Dollar's new in-app game that rewards you for shopping.  Every time you check out at Family Dollar, you'll earn a Spin on the SmartSpins wheel.  Prizes include high-value coupons that you wouldn't normally see – like $5 OFF your shopping trip!

Here's how it works:

  1. Every time you check out at Family Dollar with your phone number or by scanning the barcode on your Family Dollar App (Current version must be downloaded) you'll earn a spin on the SmartSpins wheel.
  2. Touch the button to spin the wheel – and see what coupon you've won.
  3. Prizes include valuable coupons that you wouldn't normally see – like $5 OFF your shopping trip!  I've also recently won coupons for women's apparel (much of which is on clearance right now anyway!) and rugs.


If you want to know more about the Family Dollar SmartSpins in-app game, check out our post here.  It's super easy to use and SO FUN!

*Deals shown are subject to availability and may vary.


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