Extreme Couponing: Love It Or Leave It?

The fall season of TLC's Extreme Couponing show kicks off tonight.  If you'd like to chat with myself and a few fellow Penny Pinchers, join us at 9:00 PM Central Time on the Passionate Penny Pincher Facebook page to share your thoughts!


For the record, I think the show is intriguing to watch, but can be overwhelming to most average couponers.  While I have had a moment or two of extreme couponing, saving consistently over the long haul is the way to go!   Really, you don't have to be all that extreme to still pinch some serious pennies. 🙂


New to couponing and not sure where to start?  Here are a few tips . . . 

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  1. Leave it. I think the show gets way too much attention. It seems that the show is having a negative impact on couponing in general and also, after enough episodes, the show starts to get repetitive. Just the faces change.

  2. Leave it. Stores never go out of their way to bend the rules like that for me! And they dont figure in the cost of the coupons they have used. Get real with it!!

  3. Leave it. While I find the show fascinating, I hate the impact it’s had on us legitimate couponers. I refuse to continue to support it by giving them more ratings. I’m waiting patiently for this craze to die down so life can go back to normal! LOL

  4. I really wish they didn’t change the rules so much and that it didn’t have such an impact on couponing in general as well. I kind of like to watch it 🙂 but it makes even me feel like I’m not doing well enough! Thanks for sharing guys!

  5. Alicia Bates says

    I think this show is a total turn-off to anyone who is not currently using coupons, and that is terribly sad, because there saving money is beneficial to everyone!

  6. If I have the option, I will call Knology to remove TLC from my cable subscription. Other than Extreme Couponing, they also have Toddler and Tiara and Sister Wives. my goodness!

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