Extreme Coupon Fraud: What You See On TV Isn’t Always Real

Are you always amazed at the crazy deals that are shown on Extreme Couponing? Me too! However, as I've said before, it's not always legitimate, and here's one more example of fraudulent couponing. . . read the full article HERE and more information HERE.

If you order coupons, I encourage you to really consider the company that you're purchasing from, as unfortunately there are folks who've turned a seemingly harmless coupon into a major money making scheme. At this point, I really don't advocate purchasing coupons and feel that you'll get plenty of deals just by getting your local Sunday paper and printing all the great coupons that are available easily online. (I promise, I save 70-80% on our family's grocery budget and use only printable coupons or ones from our Sunday paper. . . if I can do this, you can too!)

Want to learn more about coupon ethics? Here are a few more articles worth taking a peek at:

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  1. I knew it…I just knew it!! Everytime I watch, I always tell my husband that those coupons have got to be fake. I don’t watch very often, but happened to catch an episode late one night and saw a woman get several 12 packs of soda for free. She stated that she had a manufactures coupon for a free 12 pack up to a certain dollar amount. I remember thinking there is no way that the company sent her all those coupons, one – maybe two free product coupons if you have a legitimate complaint/problem with a product, but not a enough for a cartload of free soda! It was the same situation with the teenage boy who had all those coupons for free toilet paper up to $12.99 or something similar. I believe they found that one to be fake also. So sad that there are people out there who do this.

    • coke does give out “free” coupons for their 12pks BUT you need to enter 250pts to redeem it LOL so at the most i can usually get 2 MAYBE if i`m lucky with familys help 3 coupons, but it really sucks to see how people will make/use free coupons to save a buck when companies are already offering us ways to help save !

  2. A couple of the sites those women ran were still up earlier today. It was quite interesting reading what they had to say about their site and coupons. They asked that you not tell anyone about ordering from their site, you had to have a referral to order from them and one site talked about how people sell fake coupons and how to stand your ground at stores when using the free product coupons. I have been fuming for months when I read people posting about overage coupons and buying them on ebay. Sure enough, several of the coupons mentioned are ones that were counterfeit. Believe it or not, there are still some of them for sale on ebay today with multiple bids…Dr. Pepper 12 packs, Dixie plates, Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup. All of these were included in the counterfeits. Sure, maybe three or four free product coupons could be legit, but when there are 65 coupons on ebay at one time for $5 off Driscoll’s fruit, it should be obvious that something is not right. Surely those that purchase coupons like this have to feel that something isn’t quite right about it?

  3. I got into couponing because of the TLC Show “Extreme Couponing”, but I, like others that have commented, questioned the legitimacy of all those coupons they were using. While i implemented some of their tips and strategies that they were doing to reduce thier costs, I never understood how you could get so much product with so much coupons. I have never been able to do what they do. We are only allowed 4 like coupons per transaction here in Texas. I don’t see the need to “buy” coupons when i can get them for free printing them off legitimate sites. Also, the one where the teenage boy got the $12.99 coupon for toilet paper, i didn’t think that could be true, because my toilet paper coupons are only for .25 cents to $1.00 off, so where did he get those coupons from? While i like watching the show, i often question, is this really real?

    • The teenager with the Quilted Northern coupons actually had to repay the store when the coupons weren’t paid per the manufacturer. Actually his mother reimbursed the store the value of those coupons. Google it and you should find some stories about it. 99.9% of the time, if a coupon seems too good to be true then it probably is.

      • I think Extreme Couponing got so many people excited about coupons that never would have started without the show, so I can see a (tiny!) bit of good in it. But, they definitely stretched the truth so far that it just wasn’t realistic, and I hate that they gave the impression to people that they could do things that really just don’t work. I also think it makes the “normal” couponers look like we’re all nuts, when most of us just want to use our money wisely!

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