Dollar Tree Deals: Huge List All Less Than $1

I’m super excited to share this great list of tons of deals at the Dollar Tree, thanks to Fun2Be Frugal! Remember that the availability of items from store to store will vary a bunch, but hopefully you’ll be able to find many of these at your store.  Leave a comment if you find any extra deals to add to the list!


Dollar Tree Deals 9/9/12 – 9/16/12 


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  1. debbra hunt says:

    so dollar tree is taking coupons?

  2. Wow that is a big list! I don’t go to the Dollar Tree often, but when I do I usually stock up.
    This list is going to be useful and I love that we don’t have to worry about prices, just about availability and coupon expirations.

  3. I stopped by Dollar Tree last night for my first coupon visit. It felt strange taking coupons there!!! I noticed several of their product sizes do not match those required on coupons. For example, they only carried 25 sq. ft Reynolds foil but the coupon states minimum of 35 ft. Thanks for the list!

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