CVS Weekly Ad: 1/6/13-1/12/13

Here are the top deals in the new ad at CVS starting Sunday, 1/6/13.  Stop back tomorrow night for this week’s top CVS deal scenario, and you may also want to check out the complete CVS Weekly Ad before you shop.

CVS Weekly Ad (1/6/13 – 1/12/13)


Click “display all matchups” to see the complete list of deals. New to shopping at CVS? Go HERE to get started.

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  1. I’m trying to print the A1C $7.00 off coupon; and when I go to the link it says to answer the “question below” to get the coupon, but there’s no question…help?? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hey Mandy! I just put in a new link. Sorry about that! Here it is to save you a step 🙂

  3. That worked, thank you SO much! 🙂

  4. Just a heads up there are many items now on clearance at CVS that after coupons are free or really cheap. Clearance varies greatly by store but some stores are also bad about not putting up the signs! There’s several Clariol hair dyes (all the non-permanent were clearance at my store) that are clearance priced $1.99-2.37 (in my store) and there’s a $2 off in P&G. There’s Lubriderm lotion clearance at $1.99 and there’s a $1 off printable. There’s Eucrien lotion that is clearance $1.99-2.74 and the coupon center has printed $1.50 off coupons in the past week or so. Garnier Daily Care conditonier priced $.99 and I had a printable for $1 off. Simple Light Moisturizer priced $3.24 and there were several printables some $2 and $3 off. Also coupon center was printing $3 off last week so potiental money maker.

    Every CVS varires on when they activate clearance but they all go in the same order. First “get is while it lasts” then 25%, 50%, 75% then back to regular price (except for some higher priced items never get to 75%) My store (I’m a CVS employee & couponer) changes the clearance every Sunday. You can always ask your local store how they do theirs

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