Crazy Good Prices At Aldi’s


Because I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like this again, I’m documenting the prices of milk and eggs today at Aldi’s.  (So that when my children are grandparents they can pull up this post and say “Look kids . . . back in great-grandma’s day they got eggs for just $.49 a dozen!) 😉


I’ll be honest, Aldi’s milk and egg prices were crazy good, however I missed the sweet customer service at my favorite grocery store. 🙂  The workers at Aldi’s were very helpful, but I’m not sure I’ll get used to returning my cart in the rain to retrieve my quarter. . . (I know, call me spoiled; my hubby did when I tried to explain it to him.)  I also think it would be incredibly easy to overspend there, because there were many items that I could have gotten much cheaper during a sale at a grocery store when using coupons, but, their prices on produce, milk, eggs, and huge pumpkins (just $1.99!) were incredible.

So, for you Aldi’s shoppers out there, do you eventually get used to returning that cart?  And, by the way, these are the prices at our local Aldi’s here in Huntsville, however you’ll need to check out your local Aldi’s sales ad to see how your prices compare.  Happy Aldi’s Shopping!


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  1. I used to shop at Aldi’s prior to couponing. Yes you get used to returning the cart :-). I remember when a friend told me a little about couponing and my first reaction was there was no way she was saving more at Publix than I was at Aldi’s. Boy or boy was I wrong!!!! Sure there are things that are cheaper at Aldi’s so if you are tired of coupons it would be a great place to go but overall I prefer Publix.

  2. I shopped at Aldi in Decatur before moving to Madison. I never had a problem with the whole idea of returning the cart because I used to work at a grocery store as a teen. I always felt sorry for those guys who had to do it! But it keeps prices down by cutting down on the number of employees – along with no baggers and charging extra if you want to use bags. I’ve been able to get pineapples for $.99 (a huge hit at our house) and you can’t beat their prices on milk and eggs anyway. But I’ve also bought some of their non-grocery items – like my steam mop. 🙂 I had a Shark years ago but it finally died. This one (at only $50) works just as good!!!

  3. I do my weekly coupon shopping at Publix. Every two weeks, I make a menu plan around my stockpile and the items I have on hand, and then I pick up the remaining items I need that I don’t have coupons for at Aldi. I LOVE Aldi. And even if you decide not to return the cart, you’re only out a quarter. But considering how much I save shopping Aldi for my non-coupon items, that quarter isn’t such a big loss! lol
    (And often you can pass your cart off to someone who parks near you and is about to go get their own cart, and they just hand your their quarter. 🙂

  4. That’s where I’m torn. It was a pain to return the cart and bag my own groceries, but it was so nice to not have to prep coupons or carry them around the store. I just grabbed and continued on my way. For things that aren’t often on BOGO at Publix, like canned beans/fruit (my kids devour mandarin oranges, and they are half the price at Aldi) and french friend onions (the can I bought was twice as big as the one at Publix and still cheaper), I think I will try to buy at Aldi. But snacky foods, condiments, and other things that are frequently on sale at Publix, it is definitely cheaper to match with coupons and stock up. I am not one to shop at a million different stores and really like to stick with just Publix, but I might have to make an exception, especially when the new Aldi opens in Madison.

  5. i’m so jealous, i paid 79 cents for eggs yesterday at my aldi in central fl darn! oh well, thats still much cheaper than at publix or win dixie so i will be grateful

  6. Jennifer G. says:

    WOW! I need to find a reason to head that way!

  7. The cart return never bothered me before but now being 9months pregnant and wrangling a 2 yr old; it’s a bit tedious.
    I would say my Aldi shopping style is very similar to Lavonne’s. I use Aldi to fill in gaps after I make my menu plan. There are several things I wish they carried; pizza crust mix, herbs like cilantro and more.

  8. Liberty Hudson says:

    The eggs at our ALDI are always 29 cents but the milk is usually $2.59. I can’t find produce any cheaper,but I do have to watch not spending too much because of the prices being so low on lots of stuff.

  9. alice smith says:

    I always push my own cart out at Publix and return it as well. I feel bad having the baggers do it. I feel we can all push our own carts and unload our own groceries. I’ve seen big men have people push their carts out with only a bag or two in the cart. That’s ridiculous!

    • I really am spoiled, aren’t I Alice?! If I don’t have kids with me I really don’t mind (maybe a little in the rain….) I love talking to some of the baggers as they walk me to the car – one of the baggers at Publix is sitting for his LSAT this fall so I’m hoping he does great (I know he will…) 🙂

      • My husband returns the carts, no matter where we are or how far away we park. The system is simple: he returns the cart and all I have to do is make sure the car is turned on, a/c running and his door unlocked before he gets back 🙂 I do have it a bit easy, I know.

  10. Some of my favorite pantry staples come from Aldi. I love their $0.99 tortillas. They also have Stonemill chili seasoning for $0.49, and it is one of the best tasting chili seasonings I have found. My favorite item they have is their canned peaches. They make the best tasting peach cobbler.

  11. I just checked my Aldi in North Georgia and my eggs are $1.49 and milk is $2.99. BUMMER! 🙁

  12. I love Aldi. I used to drive to Decatur to shop there. Prices are always rock bottom and their items are just as good as national brands. Yes, you can do better on some things with coupons (love love love my coupons), but there are many things you just can’t beat the price on. I personally prefer bagging my own things and putting them in my own van. 😉 I usually spend time at publix after my things have been load re-bagging and re-loading.

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