Coupons = Cash

Pretty regularly, a friend or acquaintance teases me for my penny pinching (I’m betting you’ve been there too.) And, more often than you’d imagine, I have someone ask if they can just pay me to “coupon” for them. (Kinda’ defeats the purpose, huh? And I’m thinkin’ they couldn’t afford me!) 😉  A few days ago after printing a slew of new coupons that had just came out (you can print them here too), I decided to count up just how much *money* I had.


Sure enough, it was over $100.


I think people tend to forget that in many ways, coupons really are cash. Yes, they’re just little slips of paper, but they’re an awesome way to “barter” with your grocery store to always get the lowest price available.  So, instead of thinking of those coupons as little annoyances that tend to overwhelm you (don’t worry, they overwhelm me too!), try to think of them as cold hard cash that your grocery store is sweet enough to let you use.

Got it?

No excuses.

Clip those coupons.

Pinch those pennies.

And determine to find financial freedom in your future.


I promise . . . you can do this!!!




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  1. Valencia says:

    I am so happy to know that it is not just me. I coupon and shop thrift stores. Several people have asked to pay me to shop for them. I try to explain that it would defeat the purpose. I then try to explain how they can do it too but it falls on deaf ears.

  2. I’m so glad you posted an article about this. I have to add it’s the manufacturer’s or a store’s way of giving consumers cash to buy and try their products. To entice shoppers to come to the store and in the hopes that they will also spend money on other items in the store that they don’t have coupons for. I use coupons and I also spend money on items I don’t have coupons for because I appreciate the stores for the great deals, for being coupon-friendly and respectful to coupon users. Coupons are a form of promotion and advertisement too. It’s a win-win situation. IDK why it’s hard for other people to understand that.

  3. I love this Laurie I was reading this as we pulled out of publix parking lot I spent 30.45 for 105.00 dollars worth of groceries Awesome !!! Maybe an hour of time and more money for our family. I definitely look at coupons as cash because it saves us plently .

  4. Jennifer G. says:

    I definitely look at coupons at cash! And I get so upset when I find one that I forgot to use because all is that amount of money staring back at me!

  5. Thanks. I had gotten overwhelmed with buying the sunday papers. It seems that I use the coupons a lot for awhile then I go through a month or so and wonder why am I buying the papers again. It is just the cycling of my need for stock. When I do use coupons it saves me a ton of money. Just yesterday I go $36 of laundry soap for $10. I am sure that you veterans could do even better than that but for me that was huge. It will last me for a couple months minimum. Not sure the Sunday paper route is the best for me but using coupons certainly is. I needed this reminder.

  6. Good post! I think you explained it well. It bewilders me that some people, just refuse to use coupons or even compare prices on things. My Mom is prime example and the first to complain about how much she spends at the grocery store. Then she makes the statement “I am just going to stop going to the grocery store”. Which of course if silly, since sooner or later, you run out of things and then you have to go.

  7. I have been laid up from knee surgery for 2 and half months. I am going crazy not being BLE TO GO COUPONING.

  8. I’m so glad we’ve all fel the same way! I just don’t understand why people don’t get it, and hate that they’re spending too much. I guess we all can choose where we want to spend our cash, but I definitely don’t want to waste it on groceries when I could buy other things I love ~ or even just save it! 🙂

  9. I just started couponing. It’s a great way to save money for something special. Yesterday between the sales, coupons and store rewards I bought 238.00 worth of items that we frequently use for only 111.00. I know a lot of people do much better than that but I’m still learning!!!

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