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Check out the CVS Coupon Matchups this week!
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  1. Hi!!! I did a successful trip today….I think!! I need help determining final cost. On one hand I want to say the final cost of this trip was $15.37. I spent $20.37 but left the store with $5 ECB in my pocket.

    However, if you show the transactions separate u see that transaction one is $12.19 FC and transaction two I actually earned $1.82. Meaning final cost was $10.37. Which is the correct number to brag about? Why don’t they match!

    Here is my trip below:
    I’m new to this and hesitant to buy things I don’t need just for the ECBs. But I’m figuring this out as I go along. Here is how I did today:

    Total trip OOP was $20.37…final cost of $15.37 with ECBs.

    Transaction 1: Buy $20 of PPG and Coke products for $5 ECBs
    2 packs of Cheeze Its $4
    Dawn $.0.99
    3 Coke products. $2.97
    Bounty paper towels $9.99
    Charmin $9.99
    Used $10 ECBs from last visit
    Used .75 MFR Coupons
    Total OOP of $17.19…received $5 ECB to use on next transaction. Final Cost $12.19

    Transaction 2:

    Buy $10 worth of listerine products and get $5 ECB
    2 1.5 liter listerine products for $10.18
    Used $5 ECB from above
    Used $2 MFR coupon
    Total OOP $3.18…rec’d $5 ECB making Final Cost an earnings of 1.82

    • Kimberly McIntyre says

      You are $5 off, because you are counting your ECB twice. You subtracted $5 from transaction one, because you got the $5 ECB. Then, you used that same $5 ECB to pay for transaction two. I see this a lot on posts. But, for me the bottom line is how much did I spend, and much did I leave the store with. The way I see it, your final cost is $15.37. But, then again, you will use the $5 ECB you left the store with for your next purchase, and count it again!

  2. To earn ECB on deals such as spend $15 to get $5 is the $15 before or after coupons are applied. For example if I spend $15 and then apply a coupon for $2.00 off do I still get the $5 ECB?

  3. Laurie, can I use coupons (both store and manufacturer’s) with the CVS express curbside pick up service? Thanks, Diana

  4. how does the savingstar spend $20 get $5, if you buy 4 persil you only spend $19.76. Does savingstar say its close enough like cvs does or will you have to buy something else to get to $20 before you get the $5

    • Lisa Haughton says

      Last week my CVS didn’t consider my $X.94 or $X.96 purchases “close enough” and I had to go back and make additional purchases to get my ECB! Still a great deal (Persil for example) but completely skewed my OOP for this trip. If I was on a strict budget, could’ve really messed things up. They may’ve changed their policy??


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