Countertop Cooking Challenge Day 1: New Video + This Cake!

Eat at Home Cooking Challenge



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I'm just a wee bit excited about getting dinner done this week!

I love using my Eat at Home meals all the time, but I just stay a wee bit more on track when we do a challenge week, so it makes me so happy when you join in and make dinner with me too.

Tonight we're having the Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili and Maraschino Cherry Cake from the Eat at Home Week of 2/11/19 Slow Cooker meals, and goodness, my home smells so good. 

And dinner. is. done.

I'm also going to go ahead and make some cornbread (my husband will be so happy because I never make cornbread), and I noticed that she has her cornbread recipe in the 2/18/19 slow cooker recipes. Since I'll have plenty of cornmeal left over from tonight's meal, I figure it's worth testing it out!


(If you're curious and have kept up with PPP very long you know I don't normally eat this many carbs especially on a Monday as I carb cycle using Faster Way to Fat Loss, but I'm training for a half marathon and have to run 10 miles tonight to keep up. SO, BRING ON THE CARBS.) 🙂 🙂 🙂 




(This is Tiffany from Eat at Home's pic of her yummy maraschino cherry cake all done. Now I kind of wish I'd done it in two layers, but I was thinking I'd be easier to keep in the fridge in a pan. Hmph!)


Here's what the schedule for the rest of the week will look like this week :

Each morning I'll share a Facebook Live Video between 9 and 9:30 AM Eastern time filling up Mrs. Potts (a.k.a. ~ my slow cooker). Here's what we'll be making:

  • Monday 2/11: White Chicken Chili + Maraschino Cherry Cake
  • Tuesday 2/12: Beef Roast with Red Wine, Mashed Potatoes & Spinach Salad wth Nuts
  • Wednesday 2/13: Sloppy Slow Cooked Chicken Tacos
  • Thursday 2/14: Apricot Soy Ginger Pork Chops, Edamame, Egg Rolls
  • Friday 2/15: Jerk Chicken Sandwiches with Cucumber Mango Salsa + Tuxedo Bars from Slow Cooker meals week of 2/18


On Wednesday, 2/13/19 at 8:30 PM Eastern Time we'll also d a Freezer Cooking Challenge, making all of the recipes from the Eat at Home Freezer Meals (look for those on the 2/18 Slow Cooker Menus!)
Here's what we'll be making Wednesday night:
  • Taco Soup
  • Harvest Apple Pot Roast
  • Loaded Cheesy Potato Casserole
  • Smoky Chipotle Chicken
  • French Dip Sandwiches
  • Meatballs and Spaghetti Sauce
If you're looking for freezer meal supplies I'll be using you can find all of those HERE 🙂


Would you like to join me this week? Here's what you'll get when you sign up!  



  • Weekly menu plans for the entire month, every single month
  • A set of slow cooker menu plans
  • A set of whole foods menu plans (those are the ones we’re using right now)
  • A set of traditional menu plans
  • A weekly dessert recipe
  • One quick click to download all 3 sets of menus (in color or black and white ink ~ color coded to make your menu planning even easier)
  • Basically, you'll get 96 recipes with menu plans AND A GROCERY LIST, all included! 
  • The menu plans cost as little as $1.13 per week when you sign up for a one year plan, or try out a 1 or 3 month subscription and see what you think.


And, if you're like me you'll use the grocery list along with the Kroger Click List (watch the video above), and make grocery shopping and menu planning so crazy easy you'll have it done in 30 minutes or less. 

It's going to do be a great week! 


Looking for more ways to have dinner on the table? Be sure to sign up for my totally free Crocktober Cookbook with menu plan and grocery list. I can't wait to get started countertop cooking with you!

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