Consignment Sale Shopping: Spent $24 For 6 Items


Here's what I picked up today for my six year old at our local Sweet Repeats Consignment SaleI hadn't planned on going, but happened to see an outfit in her closet this morning from last year's sale that I loved. So, when a neighbor mentioned the sale began today I decided to make a quick trip!  

I love the polka dot dress for her for church, and Reagan was in bad need of some jeans so I'm hoping for $4 these will get her through 'til next fall.


While I’ve found it quite a bit easier to swap clothes with a friend who has similarly aged children (if you can do that, you will save so much money and effort!), there are some things that don’t get passed on which I tag and take to a local sale. I’d love to hear your tips on consigning kids clothes if you have them!


If you're looking for consignment sales in your area, check this out. If anyone knows of another link that lists national consignment sales I'd love to hear about it!


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