Clever Use For Plastic Container


See how Lydia from Five for Five Meals made this super practical First Aid kit for her kiddos for just pennies, and came up with a great way to re-use her Crystal Light Containers. (So smart!)



Have you come up with any other great ways to re-use plastic containers? Leave a comment to share, and check out Lydia’s post to see how what she included!


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  1. I just used one of these as a pencil box for my son's mechanical pencils!

  2. Pretty cool. anyone have a idea for Parmesan shaker plastic containers, I have 6 of them I just can't throw out !

  3. Maliyah1227 says:

    I cut a hole in the top and use it to gather box tops 4 education for my daughter’s school.

  4. Penny DeFrank says:

    I keep my makeup brushes in one.

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