Clearance Bikes At Target: Just $17.98 (Regularly $59.99)


If you’re looking for a bike for your child, don’t miss this deal! Jennifer just emailed me with this tip . . .

I just wanted to pass along a deal I saw at our local Target. They had boys 20 inch bike marked down to 17.98!!! Normally $59.99. They had about 9 or so and it was while supplies last.

I have no idea if this will be available at all stores, but if you’re looking for that size bike it might be worth making a phone call to your local Target to see if they have any in stock!


Thanks Jennifer!  See all the top deals at Target this week, and create your Target shopping list before you shop.

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  1. Jettie Godwin says:

    These bikes would be AWESOME to donate to Kids to Love….they will take them now and store in the warehouse for Christmas. I volunteer with them every year and their huge bike sponsor is NO longer….so, go buy and donate!!!!!!

  2. Sarah Anderson says:

    Oh wow! It makes me want to run to target to see, because we are hosting a spaghetti supper to help send our low income preschool kids on a field trip and these would be an AWESOME raffle item.. if only target wasn't 40 min away from me!!

  3. Laurie, which target is this?

  4. Joyce Evans says:

    Anyone have any luck?

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