Cleaning Out The Pantry For Couponing For Community: This Week’s Daily Five Minute Challenge

Are you joining me this week for Couponing for Community?  All week long, couponers across the nation are gathering a few deals to give abundantly to those in need, so I thought we could take the challenge in our pantries this week as well.

Over the weekend, I took a few minutes to clean out my pantry and was shocked at how full it had gotten.  I don’t consider myself much of an “Extreme Couponer”, and when people question what my stockpile looks like, I always feel a little embarrassed because I don’t *think* of it as being all that impressive! (It’s kind of on the puny side for a girl who talks coupons all day long!) But after digging around in there, I realized we have plenty of toothpaste, deodorant, spaghetti sauce, tuna, razors, medicine, and other items that other people really may need, so I decided it was time to get cleaning and giving.  Here’s what we added to our donation bin after the big cleanout . . .

So, this week I’m challenging all of us to take just five minutes each day to clean out the pantry. . . and if you find a few items that you don’t need you can add them to your donation bin too!  Today, let’s focus on any breakfast products in your pantry, and if you have a few more cereals, oatmeals, or other breakfast foods than your family will use consider donating them this week.  Stop back tomorrow for the next challenge, and I promise by the end of the week your pantry will be clean (and your heart will be bursting!)


If you’re able to take a few minutes to clean out the cereal, please leave a comment to share. . . I’d love to hear how  you’re giving!  (And by the way, how many boxes of cereal are in your pantry???  I’ve got 11 boxes of cereal and four boxes of oatmeal ~ time to re-stock!) 🙂





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