Decorating At The Dollar Tree

Christmas Decorating at the Dollar Tree is just about as good as life gets in my book! A few weeks ago we went to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things for our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, and ended up also finding a few fantastic things for my “fancy” Christmas tree while we were there. (Note that it’s “my” tree, because my kids and hubby don’t love it like I do, but goodness it makes me happy! And yes, we have another tree that holds our family’s ornaments . . .)


Here’s the tree before ornaments (it’s not pre-lit, and I think I paid $69 for it five years ago after Christmas)



Several years ago my mom and I decorated this Christmas tree in our foyer with half price Christmas decor from Michael’s left over at the end of the Christmas season, but it was in need of a little fluffing up this year. After finding this tree on Pinterest, I really wanted to re-do mine, but couldn’t justify spending much on it. However when I found this leftover green mesh ribbon from last year’s Christmas Wreath project, and added $15 in decorations at the Dollar Tree, I was amazed to see it come together!


Everything with a pin on it was bought at the Dollar Tree, and I even scored the tree skirt for $2.50 at Dollar General. 😉

Here’s an idea of what I paid:

  • Round ornaments 5/$1
  • Twisted longer ornaments 2/$1
  • Red Stars $1
  • “Peace” sign at the top of the tree $1 (I’m not sure if that’s going to stay or not, but my daughter loved it so for now it’s there) 🙂
  • 12″ Mesh was $9.99 at Hobby Lobby, and I used a 40% off coupon
So, there you have it! I ran by yesterday and the Dollar Tree still had quite a few Christmas ornaments left, but were out of those cute stars. (I wish I’d grabbed all of those!)  Similar items ran $2.50-$5 a piece at Hobby Lobby, so I’m just thrilled with my deals, and so excited to have this tree marked off my list!
Have you scored any great deals on Christmas decor this Season? I’d love to hear about it, so click HERE to leave a comment to share I’d also love for you to join me over on Pinterest. . . Happy Fluffing!


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  1. Laurie ,the the looks awesome I too got my inspiration for my tree this year from pintrest mine has poinsetta on it some of ornaments are from dollar tree too .great job !

  2. It’s gorgeous. It looks like it’s out of a magazine. You inspire me to try new things. =)

  3. Very nice tree! I love Dollar Tree.

  4. You are an amazing woman! I LOVE your tree! IT IS A WORK OF THE LOVE OF THIS AMAZING AND WONDROUS SEASON! It makes me happy just looking at your creation that any magazine would be proud to feature……AMAZING!

  5. Christina Cole says:


  6. my favorite thing to decorate with from dollar tree is the birds they have red cardinals and white doves. This makes a beautiful tree and it is cat friendly …..well every now and then you do see a bird On the floor lol

  7. OMG I love your tree! So beautiful! And I love the ideas of your commenters. Birds. I had considered putting birds on a Christmas tree but never had any until recently, I bought the wrong size and still have not returned them… I plan to use them and find some of the stuff you used as well. Can not wait! I love to decorate for the holidays!

  8. How I love Hobby Lobby! My mom just took me since we live far away from one… I couldn’t look at everything fast enough!! I love Dollar Tree

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