Choose Where You Shop (And How To Coupon At Publix)

It’s finally time to learn specifics on how to use coupons at Publix!  Even if you’re not a Publix shopper, you’ll want to watch the first few minutes for tips on how many stores you need to shop at each week, and then you can skip the rest. 🙂





Note that this series is truly for beginning couponers.  If you have a friend or family member whose interested in couponing this is a great place to start!  If you are a long time couponer, I know you’ll have extra tips to share, so please leave your ideas in the comment section.


Looking for more on how to successfully pinch a penny at the grocery store?  Check these out. . .


By the way, I totally can’t believe how YouTube picks these pictures for the screen . . . could I just once have my eyes open?  If you can’t see the video, go HERE.

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  1. You’re so helpful! I’m a new wife(October) and I’m trying to get my husband to understand couponing…he just always wants to go to Walmart and get it out of the way in one stop shopping…I go to Publix for some BOGO deals andhe says we are spending more money for gas and in the end blah blah…well, I’m going to try to start couponing for REAL now…please keep putting up helpful info like this. I don’t get newspapers, should I? I’m also in Madison so We will have the same deals! I’m really going to try this! Thank you for your help…please please please keep it up! Thanks!

    • I’m so glad it helps Ashley! I really do think in our area you’ll consistently get the best price at Publix – I’ve tried running all over town to get the best deals and it just doesn’t work. Be sure to check out the Publix deals here – just read through the list and it hopefully will help!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment – I struggle w/ sharing this kind of stuff because many people already are couponing, but I know it can get overwhelming when you’re just starting out!

  2. Donna Brown says:

    Hi I just heard about your site and signed on Thanks to my friend Stacy Lynn. Please put us in your drawing for the $25 Amazon Gift Card. Thanks so much

  3. Allyson Hage says:

    I’m looking forward to the shaving cream deal at CVS this Sunday.

  4. Told my coupon friend about your site today! yay!

  5. Kelly Gustafson says:

    I enjoyed your beginner couponing at Publix video. I work with Dawn Speegle and she recommended your site to me. I really need to get started couponing…I have no clue. Please let me know about your upcoming classes.

    Also, please put me and Dawn in for the gift card drawing.

  6. Is the birds eye deal you mentioned current?? I need veggies!

  7. Hey Laurie,

    I have been couponing at Target and Publix for a while now and the problem I face (as other people might too) is shopping for “filler” items at Publix. For example….I shop Publix for their sales (weekly) and I go to Target for everything else (every other week) because I find them more expensive at Publix. How do you buy EVERYTHING you need at Publix for your family when their non-sale items are so expensive? You might also want to know that I live in Florida, because I know that makes a difference in the doubling and penny items. Any help you can give me would be great. Thanks! 🙂

    • Living in FL definitely makes a difference Nicole! What kind of items are you purchasing at Target? I’ve found Target to be so much more expensive here, that I hardly ever make it there 🙂 I do purchase quite a few toiletries at CVS/Walgreens, but not on a very regular basis. About once every 2-3 months I’ll find a great meat deal (usually at Kroger), and I really stock up (I think a few weeks ago I bought 15-20 lbs. of chicken). Other than that, I buy just about everything at Publix!

      Also, I’m so lazy/frugal/hmmmmm. . . not willing to shop! that I often come up with “substitute” items while many people would just go buy things. When I run out of fabric softener I use vinegar (stockpiled at Easter), if we run out of paper towels I’ll use more rags (I hate paying for paper towels!), and to save me time I’ve been purchasing toilet paper from Amazon with Swagbucks. Really though, somehow it works! I also have their sale rotation just about memorized, so I pretty much know when I’ll need to really stock up, which definitely helps!

      I have had other people say exactly the same thing about Publix, so I’d love to know what you’re buying at Target . . . because maybe I’m missing a deal! 🙂 For me, it also has a lot to do with my time these days, but we do seem to manage to make it under $50 or at very most $60 per week. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  8. Laurie,

    Well, the filler items I’m talking about are things that rarely get coupons for like Mission tortillas, gatoraide, spices, milk, frozen meals, baking products, chips, produce, bakery items, meat, etc. I’d also like to mention that a lot of products that are good on Weight Watchers (like many Fiber One products) that have coupons, are still more expensive at Publix WITH the coupons than they are at Target.

    I also would partly atribute some of my filler items to not really stocking up like other couponers would. I usually only get 2 of 1 item, or maybe 4 if it’s a really good deal so I often run out before those items go BOGO at Publix again. So when I do my Target trips every 2 weeks I have misc odds and ends that I have to get, but they end up costing me around $60 when everything is all said and done. Then I normally spend about $20 every week shopping the Publix sales….so my monthly spending is about $200. In addition, I also go to the meat market about every month and 1/2 and spend $60-$70.

    I know it’s not A LOT, but I feel as though I could do better (and I often hear everyone does better just shopping at Publix). I just don’t see how everyone can exclusively shop at Publix and still get the best deals on filler products. You know?! 🙂

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