Budget Check Up Week 4: Use Your Stockpile!



How did you do this week on your grocery budget? It's been one of those crazy-busy weeks around here, so I didn't have much time to shop (which always helps my grocery budget!) I'm so thankful for my little stockpile (and cleaning out my freezer a few weeks ago), because we had plenty of food already on hand which made life so much easier.


(I'm still keeping tabs on my grocery expenses with just an envelope each week ~ you might want to do the same thing to hold yourself accountable too!)


Here's where our grocery budget went this week:


We ate out a little big more than we planned last weekend plus had some unexpected other expenses pop up, so I needed to stick to my budget. I'm tickled that we made it through the week with $3 to spare! 😉  We typically take out a certain amount every two weeks for groceries, eating out, and other miscellaneous expenses, so I was glad to be able to save on our groceries to have extra cash for the other items we needed this week.
Try keeping your receipts together too so you can see exactly where you're spending your grocery budget, and then you'll know where your money has gone each week. I'm amazed at how that just keeps me mindful during the week of wasting money without thinking about it, because I know I've got some accountability for it! Feel free to also share how you've been doing in the comments section, and we'll work on it together!


Share how you've done this week by clicking HERE ~ I love hearing from you!

(You can also download this free printable monthly budget spreadsheet if you're new to budgeting ~ go HERE to get yours.)


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  1. I spent more this week ($65) than I have in a long time. But I also haven’t been grocery shopping (except for essentials) since November 22. In the process of moving and the holidays, I ate nearly all my food–I didn’t want to move it. This week I’m finally settled and able to restock my fridge.

    I’m surprised (well, somewhat but not really) at how much I still spent while “not” shopping. Everything is so much cheaper when you plan!

  2. I have the same thoughts about how much I spend on just the things I “have” to buy every week Kailin! Because so much of the “extras” are purchased using coupons, the meat, fruits, and veggies (that I normally pay for either way), definitely are where the bulk of my money goes. You did great to re-stock everything for $65!

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