Blessed {And I Didn’t Even Know It}

Ugh. (Can you just hear me say that across the screen?) Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. . . yup, that’s exactly how I mean it. Yesterday I finally made it to Bible Study where they’re studying the Advent Conspiracy. I went because they were leaving after the study to visit 305 8th Street Group Home, which is one of those places that’s completely doing God’s work, so I wanted to tag along.

As we talked throughout the class, we shared how much we have in comparison to others around the world, and yet somehow don’t even know it. In fact, according to this, if you make just $30,000 you’re in the top 7% of income earners in the world, and if you make $50,000 you earn more than 99% of the people in the entire world. WOW.

But for some crazy reason, we assume that everyone has everything . . . don’t we?

We assume all too often that our home should look like this . . .

Photo Credit

Instead of this. . .

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And that our children need this . . .

(which I really do absolutely love, by the way!)

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Instead of this . . . (y’all bare with me, this one’s just painful to see and I even struggle to put it up because it hurts my heart so badly)

Photo Credit ~ See more HERE.

That tears up every ounce of me. (I really may take that picture down soon because I can’t even handle it being here, but I want someone to acknowledge it exists ~ in our world we totally forget!)

Please, please, stop feeling like you’ve got to keep up with someone else. You are blessed right where you are, just like I am (I promise!) You may want to read more about the Advent Conspiracy, and consider ways your family can scale back just a bit this Christmas to give to those who are truly in need. And please don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love Christmas and Santa and presents a ton around here (my kids love all of it, and I’m so glad we can share that fun with them!) But I do want them (and myself) to remember that that’s just not reality for 99% of the world, so a slightly more modest Christmas might help provide water for others too.

I’d love to know if your family does something special over the Holidays to bless others, whether it be preparing an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox, sharing with a local food pantry, or giving a gift through Angel Tree Ministries. And please don’t be mad at me for sharing (I really like sharing deals the most!), but I’m hoping you’re up for this one today.

Leave a comment to share your thoughts by clicking HERE, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Laurie,
    You always have the sweetest post at the best time. Don’t ever feel bad about sharing from your heart. I was just thinking about this today. My kiddos (while getting way more than they ever could hope for) get less at Christmas from us that most of their friends. Sometimes I wonder if we’re being “stingy” with them and then I realize how silly that is of me. We’re blessed beyond measure. Thanks for your good word!

  2. On Saturday night, December 1, at 7:00 pm The Brook Church in Madison is hosting Andy Hein from the International Justice Mission (one of the partners of AC) if people want more info!

  3. When I was in college I went to Peru and saw those houses. It was truly eye opening. I feel so blessed that my husband works and I get to stay at home with our kids. I love reading your blog, and please continue to write posts like these!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I needed this reminder. I know we are blessed but sometimes it is hard to forget how blessed we really are. We always take our kids each year to pick out at least one toy for toys for tots. Now that our sons are older and getting an allowance they put some of their money into the toy too. I know it isn’t a lot but I feel it is very important to remind our kids that it is better to give than receive.

  5. My 3 year old daughter on her letter to Santa (we did at bass pro) she put she wanted a stuffed raindeer and to help a little girl have a Christmas. I asked help a little girl? She said yes momma. I have been working with her on giving and how we want to help others and I thought it was so sweet she wanted to help someone else!

  6. It’s great to remember this this time of year, but the key for our family is to remember all year long. Schools are requesting can good for my grandsons school and for my granddaughter they requested a donation of cereal. Since I’ve been couponing I try to donate year round. Last night I went to Publix (from last weeks sale) and saved $111.00 and the final bill was $70.00. I’m thrilled to be able to donate so much of these products. This is what I was taught and now it’s our decision to give back. So many people just here in our area where we live in GA are still going to bed hungry. We also go through the grandchildrens toys and clothes to donate. I try to do this twice a year. Thank you Laurie for let us all be aware of really what is important in life!

  7. Thanks for posting…we need to see this. We need to feel this….feel it enough to take action.

  8. Laurie, Yes that picture is hard to look at – that is why it is so powerful. We need that shock sometimes to remind us how Blessed we are. Thank you for posting and I hope you keep reminding us. Most of your regular readers most know that you give and support missions (one of the reasons I love supporting your blog – I feel like I am helping through you in a small way). so the post should not be a surprise.
    Counting my Blessings daily!!

  9. Wonderful post. Completely broke my heart. Thank you for showing me how blessed I truly am. I would really like to help them in some way. I could not imagine my child not getting enough to eat or drink. Is their a link you can share to help them get water, food etc. I am not sure how I can help but really want to. Thank you so much for all you do!

    • You all are so sweet, and I appreciate you each so much! It definitely is so heart breaking and hard to comprehend the abundance we have compared to others in the world.

      Aimee ~ if you’d like to donate there are SO many fantastic ministries, but here’s one that my husband actually went on a mission trip with where they built filters for those who don’t have clean water. Click this link to donate ~ they build water filters in Honduras … it’s amazing to see the pictures of what the filters are made of, and he said they were shocked that people still live without clean have water (soooo sad ~ but we really can help!)

  10. I have been meaning to express how much I appreciate your willingness to do this website for so long to help so many people be good stewards of what HE shared with us. Thank you so much for that reality check and reminder. It is easy to feel discouraged this time of year when you focus on stuff, or lack thereof, but we are so blessed in America, and we need the reminder of what is truly important. We need to be vigilant in teaching our children to give. Thank you again for all you share on this site. It is needed and appreciated.

  11. Jennifer G. says:

    Oh my. Please don’t take that picture down. We all need to see reality. That child exists and we need to see it and feel it. It’s not even that we are blessed and they are not….we are all blessed and that child is just as much God’s child as we are. I believe that child is blessed because he will walk into God’s arms immediately, while I may have a little more time to “reevaluate”, so to speak, in Purgatory because I didn’t take advantage of the generous gifts given to me. Luke 6:20-21 Then he looked up at his disciples and said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

    • I went to bed last night Jennifer and kept thinking about how much this child is also blessed ~ I believe God’s hand of blessing is definitely on each of us and you’re exactly right, that God has a great gift for him. It’s funny just how slanted our view of blessed is, I need to remember Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” God surely has His hand on that child too.

  12. Please do not take the picture down. It is so hurtful to see, but we need to see it to remind us how luck we are and how much help is needed in the world. We do work in Orlando and Ethiopia. I love your heart and your posts!

  13. I love this post and love the responses! We try to give year round and capitalize on in opportune moments. For example, we were given the wrong change when getting a special sweet treat. I didn’t realize it until we were home and sent a message to the tender- “please use that for a child that doesn’t get treats often.” God is good to show us when we can be gracious to others when an inadvertent mistake is made and to be giving to others who need love in action. It was a great lesson for my son AND me!

  14. I actually have a friend that lives in Nicaragua and raises donations to provide water filters and emergency equipment to villages.

  15. Lynda Carol Williams says:


  16. Thank you for the reminder!
    Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas

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