The Friday Fluff Up: Bewitching Brooms

Bewitching Broom

A very sweet friend of mine made this super cute “Bewitching Broom” to fluff up her porch this fall, and I love how well it turned out! Her pumpkin urn is also perfect (doesn’t that look great?), and I couldn’t wait to share her clever broom idea.  Here’s what she suggests you use:

  • 1 broom
  • orange spray paint (Walmart should carry it for around $1)
  • black electric tape
  • ribbon (optional)
And here are the simple steps you’ll follow:
  • Spray paint broom orange.
  • Once paint has dried, evenly wrap electric tape at about 2-3″ intervals
  • Tie a ribbon at the bottom of the broom ~ all done!


I’m betting it will take you less than an hour or so to complete once you have the supplies, and is such a fun simple project (your kids may be even to help you out with this one!)


Here are a few other fun fall projects you may want to try out if you’re on a mission to do some penny pinched decorating over the weekend:


I’d love for you to join me over on Pinterest (I love that place!)  If you have a blog and have done a little fluffing in your home, I’d love to see it, so leave your link in the comments section. Also, if there’s a craft you’ve seen on a website that you’re hoping to make, feel free to share that link as well (I’m always looking for new ideas!)


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