Beginning Couponing Part Two: How To Get Coupons (And How Many Coupons Do You Need?)

Ready for week two of our beginning couponing series?  If you’ve couponed for awhile this information might be pretty basic, but if you’re still beginning (and a little lost at all that you read on various coupon sites!), this should help you get started. 🙂 Be sure to invite your friends to visit Passionate Penny Pincher if they’re just getting started too!


Watch on YouTube if you can’t see the video below.




For those of you who are seasoned couponers, what other suggestions do you have on adding to your coupon stash?  I’d love to hear your ideas & suggestions!



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  1. Michele says:

    thank you for your video. i never know how to coupon and your video is just what i needed to see to explain it! 🙂 ps I live in florida and shop at publix so any advice i would appreciate.

  2. I’ve had some trouble getting a couple of the coupon printers to load on my computer. Some work, and some tell me there was an error…any suggestions?

    • Certain coupon sites are more difficult than others – usually prints pretty easily for me, but Target/Red Plum can be more difficult. You can try clearing your cookies to see if that helps (I’m not really sure what that means but that’s the advice I’ve heard from several people!) Also, I’ve heard Mac computers are more difficult to print on. The majority of printable coupons run through, so if you can get those to work you should at least get the bulk of deals out there! (I’ll see if I can’t find out more about that – I know how frustrating that can be!)

  3. Hey Laurie! Love these videos. It’s always good to go ‘back to the basics.’ I just wanted to remind you to share with the beginning couponers about the rain-checks at Publix. I know how handy these come in to me when the week before the store was ‘out of stock’ on an item I REALLY wanted. Thanks! 😉

    • Thanks Maggie! I actually have that on my to-do list & got 2 other emails about that, so I gotta find time to write it/tape it! Thanks so much for watching 🙂

  4. I know for a while there, I was just couponing away without the knowledge of rain-checks. No one in the store ever mentioned them before. But, it helps out SO much and I’m grateful Publix offers this at their stores. I sure do wish Target did! 😉

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