Back to School Challenge Week 1

Note from Laurie: I'm super excited about the $20 Back to School Challenge Shannon is taking this year ~ I challenged her to fill two backpacks with school supplies for a local first grader and fourth grader, for $20 or less! Here's her update . . . 

I grabbed two backpacks for $3 at Walgreens (WOOT!) and here are some other items I snagged for the challenge this week (we had tax free weekend so I grabbed a few items I knew I wouldn't find  any cheaper.) 

Girl Backpack (1st grade)

Bought 2 Packs of Crayola Crayons – $.50 (Staples)
Bought 1 Pair of Scissors – $.47 (at Walgreens last week)
Bought 2 Composition Notebooks – $.50 (Staples)
Bought 1 Backpack – $3 (Walgreens)
Bought 1 Pencil Holder – $1 (Staples)

  • Spent $3.50 at Staples and $3.29 at Walgreens
  • =$13.21 left YIKES!

Boy Backpack (4th grade)

Bought 1 Backpack – $3 (Walgreens)
Bought 5 Packs of Mechanical Pencils – $2.50 (Staples)
Bought 1 Crayola Colored Pencil – $.97 (Staples)
Bought 1 Pencil Holder – $1 (Staples)

  • Spent $4.47 at Staples and $3.23 at Walgreens
  • $12.30 left (I'm getting nervous . . . )

If you're hoping to save big this Back to School Season, we'd love for you to join us too as we stock up the next few weeks! Head on over HERE to keep up with all the back to school deals this year ~ and let us know what your goal is to spend on your school supplies too!

Check out the Back to School Cheat Sheet Here – and be in the know about all the BEST prices to buy your school supplies at!

And watch our live video over HERE!

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  1. I really need binders 2 or 3 inch, not only 1 inch. Any good deals?

  2. Not getting your back to school cheat sheet. I was able to get it last year which was very helpful. Please can you email that.

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