Be Awesome In April Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 1

 If you missed my Facebook live video this morning you can watch here.

Happy Monday!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to start our “Be Awesome in April” Cleaning Challenge today.

(If you'd like to join me, head on over HERE.)


(Weird. I know. But it just makes me happy….)

This weekend I tackled my pantry. 


Um. yup.





It took about 2 hours.

4 bags.


And 1 pitiful puppy (who sat there hoping a wee bit of food would fall.)


But it's done. 


I was able to use some storage baskets that were empty and put a bunch of Christmas items I had leftover from Hobby Lobby sales this year to stack away next year,

as well as another bin to keep all of our medical stuff in.


(We don't have room for a medicine cabinet on our main floor, so our pantry is where everything goes!)

2 hours later it was done. 

Still not perfect, but better.


And in the midst of all that mess?


I found dinner.




I'd sure love for you to join me, and you might just find dinner in your pantry too. 🙂

If you'd like to join me this month, download the PPP BE AWESOME IN APRIL PRINTABLE CHECKLIST over HERE, ~ I promise it will help motivate you (I'm already loving it!)


Here's how our daily schedule *should* look: 🙂


  • 9:00 AM Eastern Time –  Facebook Live Video working on our daily checklist and project for the day
  • 1:30 PM  Eastern Time – Blog post here on PPP with a replay of the video as well as links to cleaning tips
  • 2:45 PM Eastern Time – Daily email goes out to regular email subscribers with all the info
  • 9:00 PM Eastern Time (POSSIBLY! depends on family schedule, and it REALLY will likely only happen a few times each week) quick update over on Facebook with pic or live video of tackling our evening chores




I promise, we're going to make cleaning FUN and totally take back control of our homes this month ~ I'm so glad to get to hang out with you!


Note: the schedule is based on how I personally tackle our day, and you may need to tweak it for you. This is just a guideline to help us with an easy starting point! Be sure to also join our private Facebook group for extra motivation to be awesome in April – I know you'll love this bunch!


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