Coupon Question: Do You Use Rain-checks?

This summer a reader emailed looking more information on using rain-checks at the grocery store, and I finally found a minute to answer!  Here are my tips for getting the most out of a rain-check, but I‘d love to also here your suggestions in the comments section below!



By the way, I literally taped this about four minutes before heading out to grab my preschooler from Mother’s Day Out, so I talked just about as fast as my brain would allow! 🙂


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How to Use Coupons At Publix

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  1. Yesterday, while shopping at Publix, I could not find the Whole Fruit Sorbet that is BOGO in stock. I didn’t sweat it, because I knew I could ask for a raincheck. When I went to the Customer Service Desk, the manager said that before she wrote the raincheck, she wanted one of the employees to check the back. So long story short, I got the sorbet after all because they had not had a chance to restock from the back. Then, she rang my purchase up at the service desk and I got two pints of sorbet for a total of $.99!

    • That’s the great thing about Publix – they usually will try to hunt down the item for you – which really helps! And, one thing I forgot to mention is that sometimes they’ll even substitute it (many of the drug stores do that also); it really is worth asking for the rain check & not giving up!

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