Are You Going The Right Way?

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I have a tendency to get lost way too easily when I’m driving. It happens all too often, almost every time I visit a new area, because I simply fail to devise a plan before heading out (and am a little navigationally challenged to begin with.) 🙂


Once I was driving in Atlanta (on Peachtree Boulevard, of course), and sure enough, got lost.  Now I wasn’t horribly lost. . . I could almost see the road I needed to be on the entire time I was turned around.  But for the life of me, I just couldn't get my car steered in the right direction.  Here was the problem:  every time I recognized I was heading in the wrong direction, I turned around, checked my map for directions, and then *hoped* I’d make the right turn, but never really determined a plan.


I never really understood where the map was pointing me, but kept hoping that if I made a different turn, eventually I’d end up in the right place.  After about twenty minutes of one-way streets, no-left-turn signs, and u-turns through tiny parking lots, I finally was headed in the right direction: home.


It’s so easy to do the same thing with our finances. Instead of putting our financial goals into action, we turn back and forth, not sure where we’re going and without any sense of direction and purpose.  We want to see a change in our finances, but simply fail to come up with a way to get there. (I understand, I do the same thing all too often!)


Without a written budget, there's no way to know for sure where you're going. Whether you have a simple pen and paper budget or use a basic spreadsheet in excel, sitting down and writing out the plan for your pennies each month can transform your future. (You can also download our family's free budget spreadsheet for an idea on where to get started.)


Do you use a cash budget and have you found a difference in your spending because of it?  Or, are you struggling with starting one and trying to determine where to begin?  Today’s a great day to start. . . make a decision to decide where you want your money to go right now!


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