Amazon Prime Pantry Scenario Under $24

Have you tried out Prime Pantry before? If you’re a crazy busy mom, I’m thinking you’re going to love this (I sure am!). With Fall coming up I thought adding a little soups in the pantry would be great!

In this prime pantry free shipping scenario, check out how to get 10 items for under $24 Shipped… WOW!


Prices reflect after coupons


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  1. wow! Awesome! Just placed my order. I started my free 30 day trial to get the free shipping. I’ve never used prime pantry before. 🙂 I thought the shipping was $5.99. I guess the shipping has increased. But, I’m super excited to try this out! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. WOO HOO!! Just did this and everything worked perfect! I love when you put these scenarios together for us =)

  3. AmyBeth G Arnette says

    I cancelled my Prime pantry, now regretting it. I just didn’t want the monthly charge.

  4. Beth McMeekin says

    Chocolate Frosted Flakes currently unavailable

  5. Beth McMeekin says

    And both of the soups.

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