Amazon Prime Pantry Lunchbox Scenario $8 LESS Than Walmart!

Have you tried out Prime Pantry before? If you’re a crazy busy mom, I’m thinking you’re going to love this (I sure am!)

In this prime pantry free shipping scenario, check out how to get 8 items for only $20.42 Shipped… WOW!


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  1. You may want to let your readers who are unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Pantry know that it also costs $4.99/mo. to use (after a 30-day free trial, of course!).

  2. Elizabeth Kuhns-Boyle says

    Several of the items (peanut butter, jelly, oatmeal, Cheezeits) are unavailable at this time.

  3. Kelly Docto says

    I can’t get it to give me free shipping without buying $35.

    • Hmm I have free shipping on $10 or more? Maybe because I am a prime member as well as a pantry member? I will update the post. Sorry about that Kelly!

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