20 Amazon Prime Day Deals Live Now?

20 Amazon Prime Day Deals Live Now?


Here are the 20 best Amazon Prime Day Deals that are live now.  Prices below are after coupon and Subscribe & Save to 5 or more items. 

The best way to get to that 5 items is choosing 5 of the awesome deals below!



Gain Dryer Sheets – Under $2.33 with $2 off coupon (WAY less than Walmart!)

Downy Fabric Softener 240 count – Around $5 with 20% off coupon

Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal 3-Pk – Under $1.20 per box with 25% off coupon

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers around $5 when you clip the 20% off coupon


Green Works Pack of 4 Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Around $6 with 35% OFF Coupon

Quaker Granola Bars 58ct – Around $8 with 35% OFF Coupon

Quaker Capn Crunch 4 Box Pack – Around $7 with 35% OFF Coupon

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 3 Pack- Under $8 with 35% OFF Coupon

Fun Dip 48 count – Around $7 with 30% OFF Coupon (that's a crazy deal while it lasts!)


Doritos Flamin' Hot Chips 40 count – Under $8 with $4 OFF Coupon

Lays 40 count Frito Lay Variety Pack – Around $8 with $4 OFF Coupon

Cheetos Puffs 40 count – Around $8 with $4 OFF Coupon

Cheez-It Original Baked Snack Cracker Singles 36 count – Under $8 with Subscribe & Save

Rold Gold Pretzel Twists 40 count – Around $8 with $4 OFF Coupon

Tropicana 100% Juice 3-Flavor Variety Pack

Tropicana 100% Juice 24 bottles – Under $9 with 20% OFF Coupon

Honest Kids Drink Pouches 32 count – Under $8 with 25% OFF Coupon

Maui Style Potato Chips 28 count – Around $10 with $4 OFF Coupon

Doritos Cool Ranch Chips 4o count – Around $10 with $4 OFF Coupon



Presto Toilet Paper (Amazon's new brand) under $16 with 25% Off Coupon and choose to subscribe and save (that comes out to $.002 per sheet and is a CRAZY STOCK UP PRICE on TP if you want to try it out)

Save on Presto Paper Towels – Under 60¢ per Roll with 25% OFF Coupon and Subscribe & Save to 5 items!

Capn Crunch 40 oz Bag 4-Pack – Around  $15 with 25% OFF Coupon and Subscribe & Save to 5 items


Silhouette Cameo under $200 (WOWZA!) ~ lowest price ever! 


And this headphones deal looks great! These are normally up to $110 – so after you clip the $24 coupon, you'll be paying HALF PRICE!

You can also get 35% off HotLogic Portable Ovens!

And get 33% off Microderm GLO Microdermabrasion Devices.

Remember that pricing on Amazon is subject to change at any time.


I was looking back and they did the same thing last year ~ they offered us a bunch of early deals on this we actually use every day, plus a few more fun deals! Now, there are oodles of deals that they're calling “Prime Day Launch Deals” (scroll down for more on those), but those really aren't the BEST deals quite yet. (The PPP team is working fast and furiously to double check and see if those really are deals but I'm not 100% sure that they are ~ watch for updated info soon on that!)


But, these deals we've included below are on things you probably actually can use, and are ALL FANTASTIC DEALS (we've checked them!) I've just re-stocked my summer snack pantry and snagged the TP, toilet bowl cleaner and dryer sheets myself too. WOOHOO! 


Now, if you'd love to check out the Prime Day Launch Deals head on over HERE too. We'll be keeping an eye on these and updating you with what REALLY are deals over there, and promise to keep you up to date so you don't miss a thing (be sure to sign up for our Amazon Prime Day Email list so we can send those out to you too!)


Happy early Amazon Prime Day Shopping! 🙂





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    Are there any deals on Apple watches or Scotch personal laminators?

  2. the Presto toilet paper link goes to the cameo set

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    Just love all your emails very helpful!

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