Amazon Prime Members | Add-On Items Now Ship FREE!


Amazon is now offering free shipping on select Add-On items for Amazon Prime Members ~ no $25 minimum purchase required!

How crazy is that? So exciting! The only catch is that these items will no longer come with the one-day delivery option (items will now take 4-5 days to be delivered). If you need it sooner, you'll still need to include it in an order of $25 or more.

>>>Check out a bunch of Add-On items HERE!<<<

For those of us who sometimes opt out of buying Add-Ons due to the $25 purchase minimum, this is great news ~ and just another reason why we think the $119 Prime membership is worth it!

Shopping Amazon saves me money most of the time because I don't make an extra unnecessary trip to Walmart and end up buying things I didn't really need to begin with!

Amazon Prime isn't just for quick, free shipping either! Check out all these additional benefits!

  • Video Streaming
  • Music Streaming
  • Audio Book Streaming
  • Special Lightning Deal Access
  • Prime Now
  • Amazon Family

To try Amazon Prime for yourself, sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial here!14amazonsecrets

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