Where We’ve Been This Week . . .


My husband has an annual conference in Orange Beach, Alabama each year, and that’s where we’ve been towards the end of this past week (in case you’ve noticed things were a little slower around here!) We’ve done a little back-to-school shopping, enjoyed a few waves, and loved the peace of savoring these last sweet bits of summer.

I took these pics of my (not-so-thrilled) children, because I don’t want to forget them right where they’re at.  My oldest starts middle school two weeks from Monday, and my baby will begin Kindergarten . . . yikes! Here’s a peek ~




As a girl who only dreamed of this amazing life, I sure am thankful for this bunch. Hope you’ve enjoyed an incredibly blessed week too. 😉




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  1. Laurie, those Picts are awesome. Glad to hear you had a good time

  2. Thanks so much Liz ~ I wish they weren’t so squinty, but I’m still so glad to have them (we bribed them with doughnuts!) 🙂

  3. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. We love Orange Beach!!

  4. Great pics! Wish we were in Orange Beach! I’ve got one starting middle school! Yikes.

  5. Love the pics! I am hoping to take a few before we head back home. 😀 we are down in Orange Beach right now as well. I’m glad you were able to get away and have some fun!

    • I sooooo wish we’d gotten up and taken the pictures earlier – these were after 8 which was too late, so maybe you all can do better Melissa! So glad you all are getting to travel some too (you deserve it!)

  6. Did you make the girls outfits?? So cute.

    • I wish I was that talented Erica! I actually bought them last year on sale at Strasburg so they’ve gotten two years wear out of them…. and I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to wear them one more summer next year. I don’t splurge on many “fancy” dresses for them, but every two or three years I love to buy them one special set to match (not sure matching will last much longer ~ but so far I haven’t gotten too many gripes about it so I’m clinging to them!) 🙂

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