A More Organized Home (And Why I Took Today Off!)



Since I started blogging (I think forever ago?) I’ve taken very few days “off” (ummmm . . . like, none except Sundays; it’s kind of hard to let it go for a day, because I live in fear no on will ever come back!  Yup, I’m kinda ridiculous that way . . . ) 😉  But, with Easter this weekend, my sweet baby girl’s five year old birthday yesterday, a quick trip in the works, and, well, life, I needed to stop and get a few things done today.

So, I threw up a few deals up this morning, my sweet friend Shannon of course had all of her lists ready to go (CVS & Publix, anyone?), and I’m finishing this up before heading out to Publix with just my printable coupons plus a few great Target freebies we got yesterday in the mail.  I did finally do some shopping for Easter dresses (and fell in love with Burlington Coat Factory for bargain clothes… but still no Easter dress!), dropped off donations at the thrift store, and made a few returns to Target.  I also finished this week’s Friday Fluff Up, and hopefully will have things a little more in order by tomorrow!




In the meantime, our family has the list above to tackle tonight. (My daughter just vacuumed, my son is working on getting the dining room together for Easter, and my husband is folding the laundry, WOOHOOOO!  And that birthday girl?  Well she’s wreaking havoc throughout the house while everyone else works.) 🙂



Have you gotten a few of your to-do list items done today?  I’d love to hear what you’ve finished!  And, if you’ve been wondering whatever happened to our Spring Cleaning Challenge, watch for the final post tomorrow and last chance for that $50 Amazon Gift Card. (I need to stop biting off more than I can chew . . . eek!)


Update:   Just got home from the grocery to this . . . I’m one blessed momma! 🙂


If you’re really up for some serious cleaning and de-cluttering visit Money Saving Mom’s 4 Week’s to a More Organized Home. I don’t know how she does it all!

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  1. One question? How did you get your husband to fold laundry? 😉

    • 🙂 It was a miracle Dana! I spend so much time now keeping up with PPP, that earlier this year he started folding laundry at night for me. (I start a load every morning, and he folds it at night usually.) It’s a HUGE help, and while he doesn’t put it all away (that would just be amazing….) he does put it in the kids rooms; then I just have to motivate them to get it in the drawers! He usually folds while watching TV at night, and as he’s been out of town quite a bit the last few weeks I was so glad that he finished those for me! 🙂

  2. Jennifer B. says:

    Happy belated 5th birthday to your littlest cutie!

    You deserve a day off more often. Hope you enjoyed it!

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