5 Ways To Save On Your Internet Bill (& How I Made $485 In 20 Minutes)



If you're like me you may just be overwhelmed at how expensive your internet bill can be every month, but there are a few ways to easily save that are worth trying out. I managed to save a whopping $480 this morning after a twenty minute phone call, and know that you can save big too with a little work. Check out these 5 ways to save on your internet bill:

1. Call your current provider and ask for a lower rate.

This is by far the easiest way to change your internet fees, and all it takes is a little patience in dealing with your internet company on the phone. In twenty minutes this morning I called my company and cut my bill by $15 a month, added in a landline which we didn't have before, and they gave me a $300 Visa Gift Card to stay with the company. Here's the math on my savings:

  • $15.46 x 12 months = $185.52
  • $300 Visa gift card
  • Total saved = $485.52 in a 20 minute phone call ~ not a bad hourly rate!

When talking to your service provider be sure to ask these questions BEFORE making any changes:

  • What will my total be AFTER TAXES AND FEES?
  • Will I need to re-start a contract?
  • Will there be any initial “start up” fees for changing my plan?
  • How long is this price guaranteed for?
  • Will I lose any of my current services?
2. Contact your internet provider via Twitter or Facebook.


If you didn't have any luck lowering your bill when calling your internet provider, try tweeting them on Twitter or leaving a message on their Facebook page. Let them know that you received a better offer from a competitor, and ask them to find you a better price or you'll cancel. Odds are you'll hear back from them fairly quickly – and it never hurts to ask!


3. Know what you're getting compared to a new customer.

I checked on our internet service, and our provider (Time Warner Cable) was charging us $183 per month after taxes for internet service and cable. We do pay extra for faster internet because I run a home based business, but they were offering new members the price of $89 per month (before taxes and fees – which of course are some pretty significant taxes and fees and can easily add a whopping $50 per month!) By knowing what their “best” price was compared to my current bill, I was able to negotiate a better price.

Note: I'm not a huge fan of Time Warner Cable, however they're the only service providers in our area so they're our only option. We've been most pleased with pricing and service that we've had from AT&T Uverse, so if you're looking to switch to a great plan I'd recommend them!

4. Cancel extra services you don't really need.

Do you really need premium internet speed for just managing emails and checking out updates on your Facebook page? Probably not. Make sure you don't overpay for faster internet service if it's not really necessary for you when you use it daily.


Also, give up extra services like an included DVR if you don't use it, and consider purchasing your own modem rather than renting one from your internet company. You can purchase your own modem saving  you an additional $8-$10 per month, and probably get a better product.


5. Take advantage of places that offer free wifi.


If you really want to drastically cut your internet bill, skip paying for home internet completely and take advantage of free wifi at your local library or even Starbucks. While it's not the most convenient option, if you really need to pinch those pennies for the long term things you really want (instead of what you want right now), this sacrifice might just be worth it!


Have you found other ways to save on your internet bill? Leave a comment to share, and let me know if any of these tips have worked for you!


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  1. Just a word of caution. We have TWC and every other month they employ a data cap on our internet when we signed up for an unlimited home plan. I recently renogiated our bill and was assured the rate would last for a full year. Our bill yesterday was up $45 plus a $25 data charge. Just called and canceled our cable service and landline, saving us about a hundred a month on our “new” rates and was assured our internet is now unlimited again. Keep an eye on your bill. We’ll miss the cable during March Madness, but with Netflix and Prime we’re content, and can more easily monitor the kids’ viewing.

    • Time Warner is a HUGE pain Jaime – it drives me crazy and I so wish we had another option! I will definitely be watching our bill closely (asked them 15 times yesterday about any surprise fees), but will just have to wait and see for sure.


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