Free Budgeting App: 5 Reasons You Should Use Every Dollar

budgetingappHave you heard about the new Budgeting App available from Dave Ramsey –Every Dollar



Basically it’s an online program that includes a free app allowing you to easily manage your budget, no matter where you are. 


From your computer or phone, you can . . . 

  • Create your first budget in less than 10 minutes
  • Add and split transactions
  • Set and achieve your money goals

Here are a few reasons it's so worth trying out . . . 

1. It's free.

What have you got to lose? 🙂 


2. Create your budget from your computer or tablet.

Just create a free account and lay out your monthly budget on your computer or tablet.

3. It automatically updates everything for you.

Once you've gotten started,  Every Dollar will automatically update your totals while you work through your expense list, and easily gives you access to “Baby Steps” to encourage and motivate you along the way.

4. Once your budget is set up in your account (you’ll need to do this from a computer or tablet), you can add in purchases as you go from your phone, almost creating a “virtual” envelope system.

What I think is genius about this program is that you and a spouse could both set up accounts on your phone, and both people can keep up with what’s really being spent. If you’re both willing to really determine to track your spending, this adds in so much accountability and will help you work towards your goals together!

5. It might just change your financial future.

If you're not tracking your budget, you have no idea where your money is really going. Choosing to stick to a budget really will transform your finances, because you'll know exactly where your money goes each month.


This is an easy way to start working on that for free which I love. Head on over HERE, sign up for your free basic account, and let me know what you think!



This is a sponsored post from Dave Ramsey, however all opinions are my own. I really did try it out and love it, and think you will love it too!


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