5 Minute Challenge: What Do You Need To Put Away?


Do you have a nagging tiny chore at home that will take just a few minutes to complete? Today’s your day to DO. IT.

After walking by my kids Easter baskets for a sold two weeks (seriously, it’s May . . . remember Easter this year was in March?) I finally had had enough. (I know, you’re so impressed, right?) Since apparently they won’t magically hop to the right place (and since I’m clearly the only person in my family with eyes), I finally did it.


Up in the attic.



(I was seriously tempted to just take a picture of the tidy floor after moving them out of the picture and not really put them away. Hence the picture of my attic . . . proof I completely the task.) 😉


What do you need to get done today? Take a few minutes and get it over with. I promise it feels so good when you’re done (whew!)

Do you know an unique cleaning tips? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment to share those too . . . I’m always looking for new ideas. See previous five minute challenges.


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  1. Luetisha Hogan says:

    I would laugh that's it's May and you are just now putting up Easter stuff, oh wait I can't my Easter sign is still on the front of the house. lol Guess I'll go take it down now.

  2. Anne Nolan says:

    I finally gave my bird cage a good cleaning. I am pretty good at keeping the food and water bowls clean and filled (it’s kind of a must!), and keeping the paper changed, but cleaning the bars when they get dirty… not so much. So I tackled it today and surprised myself with how little time it took. My Senegal Parrot was intrigued by the activity and kept trying to get out. She isn’t fully tame and I have been bitten by her before, hence my procrastination.

  3. Tiffany Bivens Rowe says:

    We just put our Easter stuff in the attic on Sunday :)) hahaha

  4. You guys are making me feel oh so much better . . .so glad i’m not the only procrastinator around here!

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