30 Deals You Need to Buy at the Dollar Tree {the Easter Edition}

UPDATE: PPP reader Anita just found these Rachael Ray Dishes for ONE DOLLAR at her local Dollar Tree, and they're available online as well! Thanks so much for sharing Anita ~ what a deal! 



Okie dokie folks, y'all know I love shopping The Dollar Tree for just about anything!  There are a ton of things you need to look for at Dollar Tree before paying more elsewhere, so here's a quick list of things to consider before heading out!


Easter baskets can get pricey fast, so swinging by the Dollar Tree for the basics is a great way to pinch a penny and stock up. Since Dollar Tree typically sells out of their holiday selection, I'd recommend going soon to get the best selection!



Here's what to watch for . . . 

1. Easter Baskets

2. Fillable Easter Eggs (regular and bunny, duck, carrot shapes)

3. Eraser Basket Stuffers

4. Bubble Basket Stuffers


5.  Jump Rope Basket Stuffers

6.  Stuffed Animal Basket Stuffers


7.  Easter Candy to Fill the Eggs

8.  Puzzle Basket Stuffers

9.  Painting Basket Stuffers


10.  Easter Front Door Displays

11.  Easter Front Yard Signs


12. Easter Crafting Supplies

13.  Easter Garland

14.  Easter Ribbon

15. Easter Paper Plates

16. Easter Plastic Knifes, Forks, Spoons

17. Easter Napkins

18. Easter Platters

19.  Easter Tablecloths

20. Easter Florals of All Kinds


21.   Bunny Ears

22.  Bunny Sunglasses

23.  Easter cards priced either 2/$1 or $1

24.  Easter Chair Covers

25.  Easter Window Stickies

26.  Easter Dish Towels

27.  Easter Candles


28.  Wrapping paper

29.  Tape



30. Aluminum storage containers (these are great for taking to parties and come 3 to a pack for the smaller containers)


Love decorating at the Dollar Tree? See a few ways I've used Dollar Tree finds in our home:


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