30 Days of Christmas Deals For Dads: Day 27

It’s day twenty seven in our 30 days of Christmas Deals for Dads series ~have you gotten Christmas gifts for all the dads in your family yet? PPP Reader Amie reminded me today that Ink Garden is offering some fantastic deals on gifts right now, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive gift these should be just right! Here are a few options available: 


Create a Custom Photo Mug from Ink Garden for just $1 when you use the code 1MUG at checkout

Get a $1 Photo Calendar from Ink Garden when you use the code 1DESK at checkout

Order a Custom Deck Of Playing Cards at Ink Garden for just $5 when you use the code PLAY5 at checkout

Shipping will run you about $5.99 on the mug and calendar, or $3.99 on the playing cards. You can also order additional mugs for just $1.99, so if you make one up of your kiddos this Christmas, you could also give one to grandparents or other family members, or keep one for yourself!  Head on over HERE to check out all the fun options at Ink Garden, and if you have any other inexpensive gift ideas for dad, please leave a comment to share!

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  1. I love the photo mugs! I clicked on the link and it took me to York Photo, not Ink Garden like you stated in the post. But I went ahead and created my mugs and used the 1MUG coupon code and it is letting me get 1 mug for $1, but not multiple mugs at $1.99 like you said in your post. I am being charged $9.99 each for the multiple mugs. So I thought that maybe the link was wrong and I was supposed to be at the Ink Garden website, like you mentioned. So I went to that site and created my mugs. I entered in the code 1MUG and it says that the code is invalid?! I would love to take advantage of this deal but confused as to how to do it! Do you know which website will let you create the mug for $1 and then multiple mugs for $1.99 each in the same order?

    • Thanks for letting me know I should have put in York Photo instead of Ink Garden (there are so many and sometimes I confuse them as I’m typing!) 🙂

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