30 Days of Christmas Deals for Dads (Day 1)

I’m so excited to share about our first Christmas Deals for Dads post!  Like many of you, I have several dads on my Christmas list this year, so I’m hunting down the very best prices on items they’ll love and betting we can all pinch a few pennies this Christmas.


Since my dad, father-in-law and husband all love to grill (and never seem to have all the best supplies. . .), I thought we’d start out with grilling accessories!  These are great for any dad who grills, and here in the South, they’ll often be used year round.  Here are the best deals I see:

Cuisinart 14-Piece Deluxe Grill Set $29.96 (regularly $49.99)

Weber 6424 21-Inch T-Brush $12.39 (regularly $16.99 ~ I think this would be my hubby’s favorite because he’s constantly using his old one!)

GrillPro 41338 Stainless Steel Shish Kebab Set $11.48 (regularly $15.99)

Maverick Rotisserie Thermometer $35.99 (regularly $59.99)

Charcoal Companion Large Nonstick V-Shaped Smoker Box for Gas Grills $12.06 (regularly $17.99)

Bayou Classic Grill Thermometer $12 (regularly $18)

Weber’s Real Grilling: Over 200 Original Recipes $15.02 (regularly $24.99)

We actually have that Weber cookbook and love it, and have made some absolutely fantastic recipes from that book.  (We also love Weber’s Big Book of Grilling, but I’m hoping that one will go down a little in price before recommending it . . . I’ll keep watching!)


I loved reading through all your suggestions on what your dad’s love best as a gift for Christmas, and will be including quite a few of those as we go through the month. If you missed it, take a minute and leave your suggestions over HERE and get entered to win a free Amazon gift card while you’re at it!

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  1. factord_agin says:

    Love that cookbook. Ours is falling apart. We make the salsa all the time…sooo yummy!

  2. I was looking for a Grilling Cookbook for I will check this one out. Grill boxes are available at Lowe’s for $10.00. Just grabbed to with my $10.00 off coupon for signing up for My Lowe’s.

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