30 Day Cleaning Challenge: The Appliance Cupboard


As many of you all know, today was “Take Your Child To Work Day”, and since my husband was working from home today my son got a taste of both of our jobs. Since he really thinks I just hang out on the computer all day for fun, I let him “do” my jobs for an hour . . . meaning he got to do both my blogging job and my mommying job!


He took pictures of our appliance cupboard above, cleaned it out, and then re-shot the pictures all by himself.  Once he was done, he edited them to make the (fantastic?) graphic above using Picmonkey. (I’m telling you what, if you ever have to edit pictures, Picmonkey is the place to be!) So I’m super thankful to him for all of his help, and my awkward appliance corner cupboard (which clearly needed some help), got a quick cleaning out too. 😉


Are you working on any Spring Cleaning this month in your home? I’d love to hear if you have any cleaning tips, and you can see more about Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge over HERE.

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