30 Day Challenge: The Laundry Room


I’m joining Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge, and today spent a few minutes cleaning up the laundry room.  Today’s challenge was to surface clean the laundry room or office, and since my office is in decent shape I knew my laundry room could use a quick tidying!  




Even though I just cleaned the laundry room a few weeks ago, after doing extra sets of sheets for our company this weekend I still had a little work to do. Here’s what I worked on for 30 minutes in the laundry room:

  • Folded clothes in the dryer and started a new load of laundry
  • Wiped down tops and sides of washer and dryer
  • Threw away hangers that don’t fit anything (you know, the ones that come home from the stores for your children’s clothes but are really too small to use? Why do I keep those???)
  • Emptied basket that holds our iron and laundry supplies and washed the liner (apparently some detergent had leaked there and needed to be cleaned up)
  • Put away everything that didn’t belong in the laundry room

 As you can tell, our laundry room is tiny, but stays pretty well kept up after I frugally updated it last January. See the before and after pics HERE (it was a mess but spending just $100 made such a difference!) 

Tomorrow we’ll be working in the kitchen and family room, so stop back tomorrow night to see how it goes, and I’d love for you to join in too!


Are you working on any Spring Cleaning this month in your home? I’d love to hear if you have any cleaning tips, and you can see more about the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge over HERE.


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  1. I have been meaning to ask since you posted the last picture of your laundry room. What is under your washer? Is it something wonderful I need to know about?

    • 🙂 No Janell! Our washer is on the second floor, so when we moved in they recommended a special plastic bin in case (heaven forbid!) we ever had a leak. 7 years and no leaks so far, but I’m not sure that plastic would do all that much if we had a major issue!

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