30 Day Challenge: The Closets



I’m joining Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge, and spent a few hours this weekend and today working on both of my daughter’s closets.
 While I’m pretty good about keeping up with the everyday cleaning in our home, handling things like the closets and their clothes is something I’m completely overwhelmed by. (Don’t believe me? This is not the first time I’ve worked on this project . . . ) 


So, my goal this week is to tackle all of the closets in our home and really get some control.  As you can tell from the pictures above they’re still far from perfect (yikes!) But, so far I’m up to four huge bags heading to our church’s thrift store, and it already feels so much more manageable. We’re incredibly fortunate and get a slew of great hand-me-downs, I’ve just got to figure out how to keep up with what comes in and “edit” items a little more often so that these disasters don’t keep popping up.


Do you have any suggestions on how to handle hand-me-downs from others as well as between your own children? There are four years between my two girls, so managing what to save and what to keep is (obviously!) stressful at our house. If you have a great way to keep clothes in order I’d sure love to hear it!


Are you working on any Spring Cleaning this month in your home? I’d love to hear if you have any cleaning tips, and you can see more about the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge over HERE.

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  1. Rubbermaids or vacuum storage bags marked do it as soon as you get them

  2. Storing kids clothes is always a problem. I have 4 kids (3 girls, 1 boy) all within 6 years of each other. So we did A LOT of hand-me-downs and accepted all donations! After a couple of years/kids, it became somewhat overwhelming! But I had a simple way to organize. Get boxes (if storing in the house) or rubbermaids (is storing in garage or barn) and put clothes in by size and season. I had a lot of space for storage, so I kept everything I thought I might use, and got rid of extra only after last child was out of that size. If you have limited space, you should only keep what you loved/ fit well/ is in the best shape. I also kept a box in the kids room and when sorting clean laundry would put clothes into the box 1 piece at a time when they were growing out of things. And I tried to go through the next size box early, so I would know what I had to buy to fill in with the contents of box.

  3. Thanks for your tips! I’ve always had Rubbermaid containers, but they’ve been stored in my daughter’s (tiny!) closet, and she is HORRIBLE about sneaking in there to see which clothes she can find of her big sisters 🙂

    So, this week I’m re-packing everything and labeling it, and going to take it up to the attic so no one can touch it until it’s the right size. Hopefully it will work (I don’t know why this task is so daunting for me!)

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