30 Day Challenge: The Bathrooms (Again)


I’m joining Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge, and today spent a few minutes today cleaning our bathrooms.  While none of them were awful (because I’ve been keeping up with the challenges this month!), there were a few things that needed some attention. Here’s what I did:

  • Put away anything not in it’s place (ummm . . . primarily in our bathroom ~ the kids bathroom and guest bath looked good!)
  • Quick swish of all the toilets (gross…. always gross.)
  • Sprayed down the countertops
  • Took out the trash
  • Hung clean hand towels
  • Re-stocked all the toilet paper


If you need any suggestions on how to deal with soap scum, see what I learned last week when I spent a little more time in the bathroom, and if you have any suggestions on cleaning out badly stained toilets I would love to hear them. (I’ve tried and tried, and while they’re “clean” they still have hard water stains that I can’t seem to get rid of!


Are you working on any Spring Cleaning this month in your home? I’d love to hear if you have any cleaning tips, and you can see more about the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge over HERE.


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  1. Jennifer B. says:

    Hi, Laurie!

    A couple things. I finally tried the soap scum remover and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I was going to comment about “Bar Keepers Friend” (I have the powder that looks like the old fashioned Comet canister) on the post you wrote about cleaning/shining your kitchen sink. I don’t have a metal sink, but one of those white porcelain ones instead. My container of Bar Keepers Friend is ancient (because the stuff lasts a long time), but it lists it as a “cleanser and polish” for stainless steel, fiberglass, porcelain, and glass cooktops. It has worked great on scratches in my sink from metal pans. I wonder if it might work in your toilet, if you drained the water during cleaning. I wouldn’t think it could hurt to try, if you can find some. There’s even a coupon on their website (http://www.barkeepersfriend.com/)! And if it doesn’t work, while the water is drained, I’d go ahead and try one of those amazing Magic Erasers. You just never know!!

    • Love that idea Jennifer! My mother-in-law swears by Bar Keepers Friend, and surely something can get those stains out…. I’m on the verge of wanting to replace one of the toilets because it’s so bad! I can’t figure out how it even got that bad, but it’s AWFUL. Thanks so much for the suggestion (I’ll be sure to post if it works!)

  2. Can’t wait to try the soap scum remover! 🙂 Have you tried using dryer sheets in your toilet bowl…weird, I know, but I saw it on pinterest and it WORKS!! Where gloves – because I have no idea what kind of chemical reaction take places with this, you’ll see what I mean, hopefully – and use the dryer sheet, like you would a sponge or wash-cloth and scrub the nasty yellow hard water stains away. It’s amazing and quick. I usually use 1-3 sheets per cleaning, but when you can get boxes of dryer sheets for $0.25 to free with all the deals around, it’s worth it! Hope it works for ya! 🙂

  3. I know this may sound crazy but I have HORRIBLE hard water stains in my toilets! I use the works $1.00 at dollar general and I wrap a used dryer sheet around toilet brush and scrub! Works like a charm.. I also use used dryer sheets to polish the faucets and new dryer sheets to clean shower doors! Cheap and works great!

  4. The only way I can get rid of the hard water/rust stains in the toilet is to drain the bowl, and use comet and a scotch brite pad. nothing else seems to work.

  5. CLR and lime a way works great on toilets!

  6. Oh and I haven’t tried this yet, but heard about it and thought I may buy some next time they’re on sale at CVS. 🙂 Use 1-2 Denture tablets, drop them in toilet bowl and let dissolve…not sure if you have to scrub afterwards or not. Might be worth a try? 🙂

  7. Wear gloves. Use a pumice stone that you buy at the hardware store and use some elbow grease. Works great.

  8. I have the same issue, I would NEVER show a picture of my toilet. I don’t think our water is hard, but it does leave weird deposits on everything. I tried a magic eraser & it didnLt work on mine, but I’m definitely going to try some of these other ideas!

  9. Theresa Mahlik says:

    I finally used a sand paper block. It’s like a very firm sponge wrapped in sandpaper. It got rid of everything under the rim without too much work.

    • I’m not sure I can handle getting that close to the toilet, but you all have inspired me! Gonna try some of these (as soon as I rent a gas mask. . . ) 😉

  10. I tried the used dryer sheet on the toilet brush idea posted above. It worked like a charm! So easy! In seconds it was clean, and no chemicals or cleaning products!!! Now that’s a thrifty idea! Thanks so much!

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