29 Deals You Can’t Miss at Costco This Month (Ends 8/2/15)


Anyone out there love shopping Costco? 


I thought so! 


I love it too, but just like any grocery store, you can really save more at Costco when you’re willing to shop their monthly sales ad (which is their coupon book that runs each month.) I make a super quick run though Costco yesterday, and here are the items I think are worth grabbing before the end 8/2/15.


costco2Costco Best Deals Ending 8/2/15

1. Angie’s Boom Chickapop Sea Salt 12 oz bag $3.09 after $1.50/1 coupon (limit 10) This is a HUGE discount – DEFINITELY worth picking up and the only item I bought at Costco yesterday – I love this stuff!

2. Bananas $1.39 or 46¢ per pound – no coupon I haven’t seen them for less than 55¢ per pound recently so this is a decent price

3. Brawny Mega Roll Pick A Size 127 Sheets 15 Rolls $15.99 or $1.06 per roll (limit 2) I’ve seen better prices on paper towels but if you need an easy deal these are worth picking up!

4. Clorox 4 pack Toilet Bowl Cleaners $6.19 after $2.80/1 coupon (limit 2) Great deal – that makes them $1.54 each and lower than I’ve seen recently with coupons

5. Cape Cod 30 oz bag Potato Chips $4.89 after $1.60 off coupon or 16¢ per ounce You may find these lower at your local grocery – if anyone notices a regular sale price per ounce I’d love to hear what you find!

6. Caribou Coffee 80 count K Cup Packs $34.99 after $5/1 coupon or 43¢ each (limit 5) After looking around at prices this a pretty good deal – I don’t normally buy them but if you buy K Cups you may want to stock up!

7. Folgers 3 pound Classic Roast Coffee $8.69 after $2.30/1 (limit 4)

8. General Mills Fiber One 90 calories Snack Bars 38 count $7.49 after $3.50/1 coupon or 19¢ per bar May be cheaper at your local grocery after a coupon and sale, but not a bad price


9. Honey Nut Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios 55 oz box $5.69 after $2.30/1 coupon (limit 4) I’m on the fence on this one because normally I think you can get such better deals at your local grocery store with coupons. BUT, this is a very reasonable price and it’s easy – might be worth picking up right now!

10. Huggies Pull Ups 4T/5T $23.99 after $6 off coupon or 30¢ per Pull Up (limit 2) compare to $.32 per Pull Up at Amazon when you subscribe and save and clip the $2 off coupon – definitely a decent price!

11. King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls 24 ct $3.59 (no coupon – but always the best deal I’ve seen anywhere on these, perfect for Hot Ham & Slider Sandwiches)

12. Kirkland Sports Drink (3) 16.9 ounce bottles $7.99 (no limit)

13. Kirkland Laundry Detergent 126 oz $11.09 after $2 off coupon or 8¢ per ounce (limit 2)

14. Kirkland Environmentally Responsible Dish Detergent 135 oz $6.69 after $2/1 coupon (limit 1)

15. Organic Spring Mix 1 lb. $4.49 – no coupon but a very good price

16. Lays Frito Lay 54 count box $9.99 after $3/1 coupon or 18¢ per bag not a bad price if these are something you normally purchase – much cheaper to package things yourself but worth it if you need things in single serving bags!

17. Little Critters Gummy Vites 275 count $9.99 after $2/1 coupon or 3¢ per vitamin

18. Milk $2.29 per gallon – no coupon, always a decent price at Costco

19. Pam Cooking Spray (2) 12 oz cans $4.89 after $2/1 coupon (limit 10)

20. Perdue 10 pound boneless skinless chicken breast frozen $23.99 or $2.39/lb – no coupon, always a decent price at Costco (and cheaper than their Kirkland brand priced at $2.76/lb.)

21. Perdue Whole Chicken Fryers $1.09/lb – no coupon but a very good price

22. Quilted Northern 30 rolls 267 sheets $.016 per square foot $15.99 after $4/1 coupon (limit 2 – $.01 per square foot is my stock up price for toilet paper, so this is a great deal!)

23. Salad Mix 3 lb $2.99 – no coupon but a very good price

24. Seedless Watermelon $4.99 you may find them cheaper at the grocery store or Aldi, but this is a pretty good price and they’re huge!

25. Strawberries $3.29 or $1.64 per pound 

26. Shout Stain Remover 22 oz + 172 oz Refill $7.39 after $2.50/1 coupon (limit 5) I’ve seen great deals for less at the grocery store with coupons on Stain Remover, but this is a very good price

27. Special K Red Berries 43 oz box $6.45 after $2.30/1 coupon

28. Swiffer 80 count Swiffer Sweepers (15¢ each)or 60 count wet mopping refills (20¢ each) $12.25 after $3.20/1 coupon

29. Skippy or Jif Creamy Peanut Butter (2) 48 oz $7.19 after $2.80/1 coupon (limit 2)


I didn’t want to include this one in the list because it’s completely frivolous, but I think so worth a mention. You can score 2 dozen roses this month at Costco for $12.99. Share it with your sweetie and maybe they’ll pick some up for you! 🙂

Not a Deal (at least in my opinion?) 🙂

Starbucks Refreshers (12) 12 oz cans $11.99  after $3/1 coupon or 99¢ each (no limit)

Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles (12) 9.5 oz cans $11.69 after $3/1 coupon or 97¢ per bottle (no limit)

Haagen Daz Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Bars $8.95 after $3/1 coupon or 59¢ per bar (no limit)

Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper (36) 12 ounce cans $8.29 after $2/1 coupon or 23¢ per can (no limit) I think you can regularly find these on sale for 4 12 packs for $11 which makes them 22¢ per can




Curious what else to buy at Costco? Check out this list of my favorite 15 items to buy at Costco every single day. Here are a few more posts you may want to check out:






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  1. With the Ibotta app you can get an additional $10 for buying Huggies at Costco!!! If you don’t have the app use my referral code- wxecwa
    Great price!

  2. stephanie says:

    when did costco start taking coupons.

  3. Stephanie, they have a coupon book they mail out or you can usually grab one by the membership booths.

  4. My local Sam’s club always has fresh skinless, boneless chicken breast for $1.88 a lb.

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